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I just got my credit card bill in the mail from the store I work at and it makes me so happy that I work there. I make a lot of purchases at Zellers (the store I work at) and I put them all on my credit card and then I get a 10% discount. I love it. I bought a playstation 3 and instead of it costing me $626.99, it only cost me $564.29.

I also went to the dentist yesterday to find out how much I owe them for my wisdom tooth surgery (I have to pay 20%) and it came out to quite a bit more than he thought and I was going to have to pay $315, but they just called me and dropped it down to $200. I was quoted $165-180 so $315 was a big difference.

Then I decided to go look at my cell phone bill online and see how much I owe them and they credited me $46 so I only owe $19 for my cell phone bill this month. It also said a payment was made last month, but I don't remember making a payment for $83. I guess I did though...

All of that has made my day because I didn't know how I was going to pay all these bills this week and my birthday is on Monday and I wanted to have some money to do something.