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Anyone want to help this FIV kitty??

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Bless his heart. So young....I was wondering if anyone here would like to maybe contact these people? Or be interested in saving him??
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Oh he is soooo precious!
We have 3 neg I could`nt take him....but I hope you can find him a home. I know if they are an indoor only kitty that they can live for a long time.
He deserves a forever home....and I know he`d be a wonderful companion for somebody who wants only 1 kitty, or has other pos ones.
I`m praying you find him a place where he can be loved.
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Will shelters not take FIV kitties? I hope he finds a home.... he's so cute!
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FIV + can live with long as there isn't massive bloodshed/fighting it shouldn't spread!
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Awww, what a cutie. I wouldn't hesitate to take that adorable little guy, FIV or not, if I was in the position to adopt.

I did email her to let her know a little bit more about FIV, in case her vet didn't give her the whole story (many don't). I basically told her that the disease can't be transmitted by the sharing of food and water bowls and let her know it can only be transmitted through bite wounds. So, if the cats don't fight, there's no risk to her current cat. I know many people who have FIV postiive cats and negative cats living happily in multicat households. I wouldn't hesitate to adopt a FIV+ and have him/her interact with mine. My foster boy, Sam, who was FIV+ did just fine with my cats and I would have kept him if I could, regardless of the disease.

There's every chance this kitten could lead a long, happy life and I hope he's given the opportunity.
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poor guy.... in answer to your question Meaghan, no, most shelters do not take on FIV kitties but the tide is changing as more info is known about the disease and Natalie's right, as long as everyone is fixed and not a killer positives and negatives can live together just fine. I have a double positive, FIV & FeLV and am not worried about him spreading the FIV at all.
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Just wanted to let you guys know I heard back from the lady who posted about this kitten on Craigslist. I was afraid she'd think I was total weirdo for emailing her, but she was actually really grateful to have the information. She said they really love the kitten and want to keep him, but
their vet told them their other cat could be infected simply by the cats grooming each other. That makes me so mad. I hate the idea that vets are so misinformed about this disease and passing it on to people who aren't likely to question the information.

Anyway, this lady is now going to do some addition research into FIV (I emailed her a good article). She's also been calling some of the no-kill shelters in the event they do feel like they have to give up the kitten. I hope that's not the case, though.

Please guys, do whatever you can in situations like this (that doesn't mean you have to email complete strangers, crazy I know. ) to educate people about FIV. Thanks!
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Yeah Eileen

what a moronic vet!!! ugh some vets make me so mad!! most folks take their word as the irrefutable truth when it is SO not
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You go Eileen!

I hope this has a happy ending.
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Eileen, I'm so impressed with you for doing that! You've probably saved this guy's life.
It's true that most people will simply believe what their vet tells them. I mean, why shouldn't you? They're supposed to be highly trained experts! Just like doctors though, they've really got to keep abreast of the latest studies and information, and unfortunately, there are plenty who don't.
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WAY TO GO Eileen!!!!

I always tell people what my Vet told me, the feline strain of the virus isn't all that different than the human strain in the way it's passed.
He said if one of your human kids had the virus you wouldn't keep that child away from any other kids you might have and there's no need to keep non human kids apart.
He said unless they rip each other apart or mate, then there's nothing to worry about and they can live together with no problems.
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I'm so glad I read this thread....maybe our next cat will be FIV+
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WTG Eileen!!

I truly hope that the lady can keep the kitten. Did you by chance direct her to TCS?
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Our Oreo is FIV+ and the other two are not. Oreo acts as mommy towards Snickers and bathes her regularly. Snickers has been with us for almost two years and she is still FIV- . I am so glad you e-mailed her and let her know the truth.
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