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Finally did it, pics of my baby!!

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OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i'm sooooooooooo happy, I finally figured out how to post pics.
So here's my baby everyone...enjoy

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I know there a little small, but hey the important thing is that i got them , here for all to see. I´ll work on sizing them later...I'm soooooo happy, sorry but i've been trying for months, and i finally did it
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LOL! There are no pictures. I cant wait to see them though. I hope you try again.

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Here I got them bigger....

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Okay, I really really hate to say this...but all I see are red x's. I am SO sorry I know how badly you want to do this! Is there anyway I can help?
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And what a beautiful baby!
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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh really??
When I open up the page, i can see the pics. I even tryed closing the page and opening it again and i can still see them.
Is there anyway to fix that??? I sure hope sooooooooo
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Kittycus, u saw them....now why is that??
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Hmmmmmmm....well maybe it is just my computer then, if others can see them then I wouldn't worry about it. I wish I could, though! Sometimes that happens, others can see them and some can't.
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i cant see anything!!! Well I am sure they are too cute.
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Denise, I have a question...because I am wondering if it is just my computer...at the bottom of Kittycuz's posts do you see a picture or just a red x? I just see a red x, but I am sure there is a picture there.
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they are just a red x debby. at least to me. most photo programs will not let anyone who is not a member see the pictures, and some do not authorize all websites to view them either.
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Thanks Hissy! That also explains why some people can see them and some cannot...they may be members of the same photo program.
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Is it the same for the avatars can everyone see my picture or is it jsut me. Cuz all I see on everyone's post so far is red X's.
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Denise, I can see your avator just fine! You can't see mine or the heart picture of Merlin at the bottom of my posts?

Very nice picture of you by the way!
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Debby I can se your picture but not Merlin. I used to be able to see him.... what happened?
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I can't see the pictures lulu is sharing with us and I can't see the picture in Kittycuz's signature, I see red X's instead. I can see all the other pictures and avators without any problem.

DragonLady, I can still see Merlin's heart picture on my computer.
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I was all excitied, now all i see are red x's as well.

Does anyone know how to fix that?? I coped the URL's from the HP photo sharing site. I also have them on photoaccess.com, but when i tryed copying the URL, nothing happens.


By the way Debbie I also see a X at the bottom of your posts, but I can see kittycuz's no problem....

Anyone else confused??
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All I see are red X's as well. I can see Debby's avatar but no picture of Merlin at the bottom.

Lulutaylor, I'm sure your kitties are just beautiful!!

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I'm getting everything, except lulutaylor's kitties - they're red exes.

I post pix, direct from my computer - I just have to re-size them. Took me several tries, though, to figure it out.
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I can't see pics either!

And Debby, I have the same thing - I see your Avatar, but not the pic of Merlin (and I too, used to be able to see it!)
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That is just weird! I wonder why some people can see the pictures and other's can't? And here all this time I just assumed you all could see Merlin's picture. Hmmmmm...I will have to ask Anne about that.
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Debby, I think it's weird too, and I would be really interested in what Anne has to say.
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I just asked about it in the mods lounge so when she has more time I am sure Anne will be able to tell me why. I will let you know what she says.
For those of you who can't see the pics, when you right click on the red x, and click on "show picture" does it do anything? When I do that on lulu's pics, the x disappears for a few seconds but then comes right back, but on some pics it will then show it.
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I'm not even seeing a red X. There is nothing at all.
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Even show picture doesn't help! It's weird because I used to be able to see Merlin, and now it's been x ed. I hope we can figure this out!
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This stinks.
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OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH boy, i'm really frustrated I downloaded the pics to 2 other site, to try and get them posted on there, and nothing works. It's soooo wierd, cause i can email them no prob, I just can´t figure out how to get them here.

I totally agree with you Debbie this stinks
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I could see his picture earlier today, and then this evening it turned into a red X for me too!!! Why is this happening?????

P.S. Can you still see Snowball's picture in my signature??????
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If you are linking to another site, and that site is down for maintenance or has changed the link then a red 'x' will appear.

I know Imagestation (where I post my pics) was down earlier today and therefore my signature showed a red 'x'.

But I do not know why some people see the red x where others can still see the pic. I always thought an 'x' meant a broken link.

Debby, try checking your link for your pic at picturetrail. I tried looking up the website and the link wouldn't work.
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