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6 year old cat and kitten behavior normal?

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We have a 6 yo cat that we got from an abusive environment when he was a kitten and now we have added a 6 month old kitten(both are males) from a shelter. We don't have any other pets. I was wondering if the behavior I'm seeing with the cats is "normal".

The kitten seems really aggressive towards the older cat. I guess he's just playing but he will tackle the older cat and grab onto him and bite. The older cat growls, hisses, cries out and just lays there. He doesn't bite back or anything. Should I be concerned about this? Is there anything we can or should do to help our older cat cope with this new addition?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you,


P.S. The older cat is far bigger than the kitten. He's a pretty big cat.

Sorry for posting this in the wrong place.
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Sorry it's taken this long for a repsonse. If the older cat isn't trying to get away from the kitten then everything is good for now. Growling, hissing is to be expected. That is how older cats show teach younger cats who is dominant. It actually sounds like you older cat is adjusting well.

Kitten play can get very rough, and eventually the older cat will get the kitten into a lock and the kitten will be screaming his/her head off. I would recommend at that time to break it up (usually a hard hand clap and shout will do it). Basically the kitten will be released, and will be able to go to a separate corner. But, I almost guarantee it will come back for more. This is when it is learning it's fighting techiniques and kittens are full of energy, and they don't understand the idea of "time out".

If things are getting too out of hand, or if you older cat is getting too annoyed, separate them for a short period of time to let them both calm down.

I've never been one to do the slow introduction thing. I've always just let them all hash it out on their own. But it sounds like your older cats is being very good and very receptive of the new kitten.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
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BTW...welcome to the cat site!
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Since the energy level of your kitten is going to be so much higher than that of your adult cat I would try to give him a different outlet for some of his energy so your older cat doesn’t feel harassed. Try wearing him out with some active play sessions with a wand toy or a laser pointer for starters. I also remember hearing a while back that you could stuff an old sock and put a little catnip to give them something to wrestle and play with as well.
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