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"I didn't know that?"

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This comes out of my book 277 Secrets Your Cat Wants You to Know by Paulette Cooper and Paul Noble:

Catnip contains a hallucinogenic compound and the American Journal of Veterinary Reasearch reported in 1972 that the chemical structure of the active ingredient in catnip is similar to LSD. But even if you give your cat the purest form (oil) it won't fry his brain, he won't raid your refrigerator or the pantry of all the tuna you have or rob your purse for more money for his fix.

Cats can smell as little as one part per billion in the air.

It causes his heart to beat faster, but that is nothing to worry about. If it is given internally it actually acts as a sedative.

Not all cats like catnip it appears to be genetically determined if the cat likes it at all.

It was first used by lion tamers to tame the lions before a show.

Cats can have a bad trip on catnip and become extremely agitated. Multiple cat households will sometimes experience heavy fighting the first day catnip is introduced.

The best place to keep it is in the refrigerator in a sealed container.

People can use catnip in tea to soothe them and on wounds to heal them.

Now did you know that? I didn't! I love this book!
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i did not know that! That book sounds really informative.
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:LOL: I can see it now!!!! There will be a bunch of idiots smoking catnip if word gets out about this!! :LOL: :laughing: :LOL:

*Guy at local petstore*... "Gee, I can't understand why we have sold so much catnip this week...we are all sold out!" :laughing:

That is really interesting though, Hissy...I didn't know that!!!

I better not give any catnip to Merlin, he might decide to turn into the local catnip dealer in the neighborhood...that would be just like him! :laughing2
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But it is still safe for cats, right?? I mean...LSD isn't great for us!!! lol
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