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EGADS!! A pregnant cat has adopted us!!

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Long story short....

Our 4 month old kitten seems to have brought home a pregnant cat I guess more accurately she has 'lured' this cat. We have built a cat enclosure in our backyard so that Scout (the kitten) can be outside safely.

It was once Scout started using the enclosure that we noticed this adult cat come. This adult cat seems quite shy but looked as though she was busting at the seems to make contact. It took about a week but she finally approached me while I was in the yard and it was then I noticed her swollen belly.

This was 2 weeks ago. The adult cat, known as Mommy Cat (thanks kids!) is now indoors with us and wont' step foot outside.

It took me 5 years to convince my husband that a cat was a good idea. So keeping Mommy cat long term is simply not possible. He's agreed though that we cant' rightly turn her out while she's on her way to a litter in the next while.

So... I've taken on the responsibility of taking care of Mommy Cat until she and her kittens are ready to be adopted out. I have NO idea what to expect and when to expect it as we have no idea when she actually got pregnant. From how long we've seen her and from what a friend has suggested (has had pregnant cats before) we're looking at about 2 weeks before she delivers.

I need some serious advice! I will do my best to find the info I need in existing posts but I do have a starter question...

When it seems as though she's ready to deliver, or at least start the process... how do you confine her? I figured I'd get a big box for Mommy Cat and her kittens but how do I get Mommy to go in the box to deliver? My husband is paranoid Mommy is going to pick the carpet as a birthing spot and I'd like to do my best to avoid that!

Thanks so much if you've read this far.

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The same thing happened to me with Sylvie, when she came to us I had no idea how far along she was.
But when I thought she was getting close I took a cardboard box, and put a bunch of old towels and t-shirts in it and stuck it in a closet. At least once a day I would take Sylvie to that box and just put her in and pet her. She would stay as long as I was there.
The day she had the kittens, I came home for lunch to find her on my bed, her favorite resting spot. I felt of her belly and knew that delivery was soon. All I did was put her in her box. She looked at me, and I could tell she was nervous and did want to be left. However, she stayed in the box. But I had to leave to go back to work. When I came back home, she was still in the box with 4 kittens sleeping with her.
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Unfortunatly a pregnant cat is going to have babies wherever she is going to have them. We have a pregnant cat that is due anyday now and we made her several birthing boxes to choose from. We are taking everything up that she could possibly ruin and we are closing any rooms we don't want her to go in.

Maybe if you had an extra room, you could confine the cat when she starts showing symptoms of getting ready to give birth. Its great that you are helping a pregnant cat! Whatever happens is going to happen, you did a good thing...at least she will be safe with you Good Luck! Keep us posted!

Heres is a website that may help:
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I've added her to the "Kitten watch" thread. I put her at 7 weeks along. Good luck and thanks for rescuing her!

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Same thing happened to me also. Domino just kind of adopted us and is now living in our house We just fed her kitten food to make sure she was getting enough protein. She had the kittens in our bathroom and the labor went perfectly.
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As we all do, I am hoping this is a textbook pregnancy for Mommy Cat and a smooth delivery

We figure once we are sure the delivery is imenent (as first timers though this is up in the air!) we will put her box into one of the bathrooms and leave her in there. We will visit with her in there and spend time in the bathroom with her.

I figure the only hope I have of convinving hubby to keep Mommy Cat and get her spayed once the Kittens are weaned is an uneventful delivery

Any other tips and suggestions would be MOST appreciated

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How is your kitty doing?
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