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Daily Thread HUMP day August 1st!

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Goooooooood Morning girlfriends!!! (and boyfriends)

It is actually girlfriend day so thats why I have targetted the ladies

Thankfully its almost Friday...and the weather is gorgeous here lately..Lots to smile about around here

I hope you all have a great one!!
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Hey girlfriend!

The sun is indeed shining, the birds chirping and my cats meowing. Looks set to be another nice day.

Have a good day/evening everyone!
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good morning

I woke up at around 4am this morning and I have barely slept since. It's gonna be an interesting day.

I have this weird feeling that I'm about to get dumped. I've been seeing that guy for a few weeks, but he hasn't contacted me in over a week.
Anyways, I'm not too sure if I care or not. I never took the relationship very seriously anyways. That's pretty bad, isn't it?

Ah well, today should be another beautiful sunny day. But too hot for me and I'll be stuck in an office all day today anyways.

And tonight I have to go shopping for glasses. I didn't find any frames I liked yesterday. I need something that will distract people away from my big nose and thick eyebrows.
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Good morning all. Just getting home from work, and finding my place in a bit of a mess. Gotta figure out a way to stop sugar and spice from destroying my place every night. Anyways, off to clean up after the cats, hope everyone has a great day, and ohhhhh yaaaaa, it is payday wooohooooooooooo. Gotta love a payday.
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Wow today is going to be interesting. B didn't get ANY sleep at all Monday night, so in order to put himself back on a sleep schedule, I had to help keep him awake. We drove all over looking for a stinking chair for his computer, didn't find anything he liked in his price range. Then it took us 2 hours for dinner because the first place we went to ran out of fries and that's all he was interested in. So we went someplace else.

So if I vent a lot today I really do apologize!!! My day has already started with me yelling at the traffic on the way in!
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Morning/Evening all!!

Up early this morning as I have to run a few errands for hubby today to get him ready for his big trip to Sturgis, SD this weekend!! (Yay, a whole 10 days alone) I can't wait!!

Looks like it is gonna be another hot one here today, expected 96 degrees and very humid. ()

On to do some more reading before getting ready to head out!!

Hope everyone has a great day/evening!!

Happy Girlfriends day!!
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Good Morning/afternoon!

Day off work today as we had the behaviourist come at 10am. Was all very interesting

Also lovely and sunny here for a change!

Have a good day everyone!
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Shaping up to be a real scorcher here AGAIN

Up early this morning, they started some construction across the street just after daylight which of coarse the kitties insisted that I must get out of bed and see.

Same old same old type of day for me, heading off to work in a bit.

Started a new medication yesterday for a couple blood pressure issue's so am feeling slightly on the spacey side today...Dr said this might happen but should regulate itself in a few days...Until then I guess I will just have to enjoy the flight..

Everyone have a good one.
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Hot and humid today and Mom has a doctor's appointment this afternoon. I am not looking forward to it as the van A/C is not working well.

Originally Posted by Paulena View Post
Morning/Evening all!!

Up early this morning as I have to run a few errands for hubby today to get him ready for his big trip to Sturgis, SD this weekend!! (Yay, a whole 10 days alone) I can't wait!!
Hubby a biker? Did he go to Little Sturgis (KY) a couple of weeks ago?
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Morning Girlfriends!!!

I'm having another sickly day.. I'm over feeling ill.. and Why or Why can't it be Friday instead of just Wednesday!!!!!

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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Hubby a biker? Did he go to Little Sturgis (KY) a couple of weeks ago?
Yes, a matter of fact he did. One time was enough for me!!
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Good Morning everyone!

It's so funny how today is Girlfriend's day AND HUMP day.......hmmmm

Another day at work! YIPPPEEEEE!

The weather here has been humid. Got quite a bit of rain yesturday and the day before...finally! I think it's supposed to rain again today. Don't worry I'll let you know tomorrow if it does!

Have a good day!
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Its HOT HOT HOT!!!! Currently only 78F Heat index 80F and humid. High of 93F today.
Completed my end of month accounting and billing this am. Checkbook balanced to date too!!
One of my ex-co-workers stopped by last nite for a visit hadn't seen her since November!! Tomorrow lunching with 4 other of my ex-co-workers.
Just going to try to keep cool as possible today. Might run cool water in the tub and sit in there if its too warm!!
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Happy hump day to all my cat peeps!!!

Hope everyone has a great "hump day"!!!

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Yes, Happy hump day. It's nice and sunny here in Elkhart IN. I have another non eventfull day ahead. I need to find a job but I can't untill my DH files chapter seven bankrupcy. If I was working then our income would be too much and he wouldn't quilify to file.
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