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Writing this post is somewhat comical as I just made a comment on another thread yesterday I think about how I was convinced my Yuna was going to learn how to open doors and then I was told that it was Shinya I had to worry about because Russian Blues are known for that...

Well... it's food time in my household.. so I prepared the food, got them both in their seperate rooms, put their food down and closed the door to Yuna's room. Plodded back to my bed and sat down, debating what kind of takeout to order for my dinner (too lazy to cook today!). After 5 mins I was thinking that things seemed REALLY quiet from the cats, and I wondered why Shinya hadn't re-appared (she always comes and sits next to me after she's done eating). So I lean back and peer down the hallway, only to see Yuna sauntering out of her room, door COMPLETELY open.

And of course Shinya was in there... and the food bowl was completely empty - which I think Shinya ate cause Yuna is a slow eater and I basically have to trick her into eating it right now.. xD

SO... I'm now making a little more food for Yuna just in case... and trying to work out which of my 2 cats managed to magically make that door open!!! It MUST have been Shinya because I really don't think Yuna has the strength just yet...