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Without a doubt, Rowdy is THE most ornery cat, that I have ever had!

If there is someplace, that she's not supposed to be - she's there! If we don't want her to have something, she moves heaven and Earth to get it. Opie will be kicked back, minding his own business and Rowdy will jump on him. At bedtime, I get the dogs settled in, on "their" couch. Just as I am snuggled into my bed, the barking starts. When I go to investigate - there's Rowdy, on the kitchen side of the baby gate, teasing Pearl.

Bill uses braided elastics, to hold his ponytail. He has tried a number of methods, to keep Rowdy from stealing them: hanging them on a hook, in the bathroom; hiding them under something on the table and keeping them in the medicine cabinet. She gets them, every time. We have found them on the bathroom floor, in the tub and on both couches.

The battle of the Christmas tree has been the worst. Ornaments pulled off, branches out of their sockets, garlands and light strings tangled. Rowdy would sit and look me right in the eye and snag an ornament. The squirt bottle doesn't seem to be a deterrent - she LIKES to get wet!

She pushes things off of the table, for Pearl to chew up. We have to carefully stow writing pens, notepads and checkbooks. As soon as Bill sits down, with the bills and his checkbook, she plops on top of them and tries to run away with the bills.

Rowdy is darned lucky, that she is so cute and that Bill and I have soft spots for furries. The two most often heard phrases, in our house, are "Ilove you" and "Rowdy dammit!"
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Thank God the two of you have patience and love this cat! I have heard of cats being surrendered to shelters because of this type of activity. Sounds like Rowdy needs a kitty gym!

Exercise for cats
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Cindy, Rowdy is still young and there's still hope!!!!

Snowball is a perfert housecat now, but he had a few crazy things he did when he was younger too!!!!
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:LOL: I had to laugh at this because Rowdy sounds alot like Merlin!!!
Merlin does the "table" thing too....he will jump up on it, look me right in the eyes and proceed to knock all of hubbies change onto the floor, one at a time! And then he knocks off hubbies comb, billfold, anything else laying there. He also has a "thing" for the bathtub stopper...it's one of those little rubber ones, and he will knock it off onto the floor, and bat it around and take off with it. Someday I will probably not be able to find it!
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I guess that is why she is named Rowdy?
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Oh, yeah, she earned her name! Last night, I got up to investigate the barking. The newspaper was strewn all over the room, my cigarettes were on the floor, slightly chewed and Bill's work boots were dragged around.

Of course, everyone was looking innocent!
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What kind of cat is your cats? I have a 10 month old Siamese. He does all this stuff also!!!
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Rowdy is a 10-month-old tortie DSH. According to my cat book, she's in her rebellious teens.

She is a very tough cat. Both dogs maul her, rolling her around, chewing on her and pinning her, with their paws. She bounces right up and jumps on them, batting away at their snouts and nipping ears and tails. She has, absolutely, no fear of these much larger creatures. Of course, neither dog would hurt her - they play with each other, the same way.

Today, I dismantled the Christmas tree and had WAY more help, than I needed. Rowdy got into every box and bag, that I was using to stow lights and ornaments. Of course, SHE started the dismantling, the day the tree went up.

Bill was prepping the bathtub, to install an enclosure and she helped, with that, too. When he starts the installation, I think that we'll sequester Rowdy, in the bedroom. I can just see her, getting into the silicone sealer!

She and Pearl can be a wrecking crew. Rowdy eggs Pearl on and knocks down things, for Pearl to chew. I told them that I was going to get a big crate and lock them in, together. They'd, probably, wreck the crate!
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you gotta love em!
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It's amazing how some cats can walk so delicately, they never disturb or even touch porcelain and glass "pretties," and others meticulously remove these things, one at a time--sometimes just to get your attention! My Checkers lost her bedroom privileges because that's how she got me up in the mornings-well, that and the windowsill bungee jump onto my head!
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Cats are amazing, thats dead true. I can never get over how amazing Peedoodle is, some things have to be put away, out of reach so he doesnt get at them! He has this fascination with the printer, whenever I print anything, he will pull the paper out and rip it up with his back claws and ruins whatever I am printing. I have to supervise him VERY closely while printing something. He is such a rascal! I guess he thinks the printer is something that will attack us and he sees the need to protect us!
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Today, Rowdy decided to "help" me color my hair (gotta look good, for tomorrow night). She grabbed a glove and ran off with it. I retrieved that and she made off with my comb. Fortunately, this was before I started.

I managed to get the stuff on and she behaved, for a whole 30 minutes. While I was bending over the tub, using the hand-held shower, to rinse, she climbed onto my back. A quick spritz got her off. I have GOT to start shutting the bathroom door!
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Cindy! I don't think that's allowed. Cats are the appointed bathroom monitors! It might even be illegal!
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She's going to be very frustrated, when Bill gets the tub enclosure installed. She won't be able to bat at the drops, running down the shower curtain and fall in the tub, any longer.

She "helped" Bill shave, the other night. She sat on the sink and dipped her tail in the water. When I'm shaving my legs, she swats at my hand. Maybe, she thinks that we look better, covered with fur!
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Not to mention not being able to hide behind the shower curtain to bat at any living thing that makes it move! Oh, the inhumanity of it all!
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We're going to paint the bathroom, too. To avoid having a lavender-speckled kitty, Rowdy will spend the day, in the bedroom.
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