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New Drawing!

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Just finished this drawing of a Chi mix today.

(That white block is where I removed my signature because you can make out my name)

I think it turned out quite well
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Very nice!
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That's really nice! I can't draw like that. I've tried!
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That looks great!
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Very nice!
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That's amazing!

Much to my dismay, I can't draw at all!
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Very nice... Your a wonderful artist.. You have a wonderful gift...
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great job! you are very talented
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Wow!, that is great. I wish I could draw like that.
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What a darling dog!
You are quite artistic!!!
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Beautiful work! I love his expression, so intent!
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Wow that is really really good! What a gift to have!
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Wow that's GOOD

Have you ever entered your pics in the State Fair? If not, you should

I remember drawing a greyhound (from a photo). Turned out so well, I wanted more of them but had to trace my own picture for it to come out right

I did another picture with the multiple tracings (like a group of 3-4 greys) and then put fancy jewel collars on them and colored each on a different color Still have it somewhere in my "best" pictures I've done
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Thanks everyone!

Is a state fair like an exhibition? When I was younger (between 12-14) I entered drawings to be judged at exhibitions and I won quite a bit of money... They don't have art exhibits anymore though.
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