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I have never had a cat that sprays before so I want to ask, I understand they do it against furniture, wall and so on. Do they do it on the floor like a normal pee as well, as such? it also smells worse than cat pee, I think. Is that correct?

We've just noticed some spray/pee in some places so need to know, so far its not against walls, so might be a toileting issue. We don't know which cat it is, but I was thinking it could be Diego, getting ready to start spraying.

Now before you grill me, please keep in mind that I have mentioned in other threads, that the vet here won't neuter him until he's 8mths old, majority have said 7.5mths and 2 who refuse to neuter . So I really don't need lectures about something thta is out of my control.
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OK, we definitely know its Diego, we found 2 more spots just before, it looked clear on the floor, but as my wife was cleaning it with a paper towel, it was dark yellow in colour and it looked thick. My wife said, it doesn't smell like cat pee, so I had a sniff and she was right it doesn't smell like cat pee. It smells of semen.
So I had her ring Dr Tanaka immediately, he still says that Diego is too young (6mths) to start spraying and that cats don't normally secrete semen. Well it wasn't Neko coz he got the chop, it wasn't Ryu coz he's definitely too young and it wasn't me

So Dr Tanaka has told us to bring Diego in, in the morning and if he thinks Diego's testicles are big enough, he will neuter him in the afternoon of tomorrow.
We kindly pointed out the fact, we are renting and if he's getting ready to start spraying, that will be a huge inconvenience.

Please all cross your fingers and send some vibes that he will do the neuter tomorrow.
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With spraying, they back up against the wall and shake their tail, the urine sprays pretty much straight out the back.

It would smell really strong and wouldn't be thick, watery like normal urine.
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I should have known anyway coz the pools were too big for just semen and of course having yellow mixed in made it unusual.

I should have gone with my initial thought, coz I thought it was vomit but since there were no traces of food and it appeared clear at the time until cleaning it.

It turns out, that Ryu is unwell and it infact was vomit, I have 2 threads running at the moment, this is the first one the second is to explain that it wasn't Diego.
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Cats that might have UTI (urinary infections) will sometimes pee outside the litter box. I don't know if spraying is really that much stronger then normal peeing - comes from the same place Might seem stronger cause the litter is not absorbing the wet/smell.

If he's peeing outside the box, you might want to have him checked for UTI - if he blocks and can't pee, he will die.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
I don't know if spraying is really that much stronger then normal peeing - comes from the same place Might seem stronger cause the litter is not absorbing the wet/smell.
Ah, of course that makes sense. I've never owned a spraying cat but there's one in the neighbourhood spraying our garden.
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He said it was vomit. He has another thread going about this problem so I will close this thread.
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