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Revisiting and Night Time Moments

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Hello, all! I've been a stranger to the boards lately, but I wanted to thank everyone for their help and support during my first experiences as a cat owner. It's difficult for me to think that my first post was entitled "My Cat Hates Me", because now we've bonded better than I could've imagined. He's become such a lap kitty and when my lap is inaccessible due to my laptop, he manages to nestle in the crooks of my arm and watches the screen while I'm surfing the web. At night, he has the oddest ways of expressing his love, each one making me smile though the newest incarnations are much less annoying than the original ones. He'll sleep between my head and the headboard, sharing a pillow with me and kneading my head (ouchie!). Or he'll sleep facing me and place his paws on my face with the gentlest touch like he's trying to pet me like I pet him. Now, he just sleeps against my stomach when I lie on my side and I'm afraid I'll roll over on him! He's so incredibly intuitive, too! Not long ago, I severely burned my cornea and I spent much of my time in bed because of the pain. The whole time, he would just lie in bed with me with his forehead pressed against my forehead, like he was saying "you'll get through this!" It made me feel so much better!

Now I'm moving apartments and decided I'll keep my bedroom door closed to keep him off the bed. I'm going to miss all those special moments, but it is so difficult to manage changing the sheets every other night because of the cat hair he sheds in it and the litter he tracks. Also, as much as I love all the night time attention, I haven't had decent sleep in ages because of the kneading and the worry I'll hurt him in my sleep or even battling over the pillow! I just hope he'll be as cuddly on the couch!

What are some of the odd ways that your cats show you affection that charm/annoy you?
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I'm glad things are going so much better for you and your furbaby!

Mooch is a kneader. She likes to sit on my chest (which was adorable when she was small, and is still cute now, but can be uncomfortable!) or she'll stand on me and knead either my stomach, leg or chest. Somehow though, when she kneads my stomach it might hurt for a moment, but then it feels good. Especially if I've not been feeling good. I've also had her lay on my chest when I didn't feel good there and after a little bit I felt better! I miss having my kitties sleep with me, but because of Dh's allergies they aren't allowed in our bedroom. I'm sure Mooch would spend the whole night on top of me if we let her in there.

Sometimes Noodles likes to knead, but mostly she's not so forceful about her lovings and what not.
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It is touching to hear of the great bond you two now have and I am glad that you are so close! Kitters little annoying thing tends to be the bolting across my body while I'm sleeping to get from the window out of the room!! 100 miles of sharp claws and slipping paws is not fun! FOR ME!!! I woke up today with a cute little scratch on my cheek! But I love her to death and will let her do anything she wants!
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Aww... you got it so easy i got 12 LOL! Plus 2 large dogs and a hubby in my bed. I get scratched, poked, licked, slobbered, drool. Heck i'm even sleeping like a cat in a ball there's so little room haha. Some one's on me, smoothering me, using me a scratching post lol. Maybe its because 8 are kittens, well Cookie is the oldest kitten but still a siamese and the other are 3 feral's and 1 i rescued at like 4wks of age she got trapped in my horses stall lol. So i let them haha, sometimes only a few come in at night. Then hubby doesn't mind cat hair in his mouth every morning ^_^
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lol, i think if you would brush him, more you would find less hair, at lease that works for me. Also i will remove them if they wake me up, after a few times of getting kicked out, they know not to wake me.

you dont need to worry about rolling on them, as they will get out of the way faste then you think ehhe. of course, alot of people dont like to have pets in the bedroom, but i enjoy having eazy purring in ear,hehe i do find it annoying howver that he keep trying to use my arm as a pillow.

As for heyu, i get yelled out every time i get home from work, she will follow me around going YEOW!!!! for about 5 min, its funny but also really annoying
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Lol.. please its the only torching i can put him threw that isn't really my fault. Now why would i do a crazy thing and stop that? ^_^
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Oh, don't lock your kitty out of your bedroom

Get a good cat brush that will get the undercoating of his fur and brush him daily. He'll love it and the hair he sheds will be so much less.

I have 2 kitties sleeping with me in the winter time (I have a waterbed and it's too hot for them in the summer). Each week when I vacuum, I just run the upholstery attachment over the comforter where they sleep, just like I do when I vacuum my couch.
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