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What are your cats doing?

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I was just wondering what everybodys cats are doing at the moment. Popsie is laying at the top of the stairs. He lies around a lot but he's old so I don't blame him.
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Isadora is laying on the other side of the dining room table staring at a wall (though she might be sleeping, she's not facing me).

Spot is laying on the table right here next to me "supervising".
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Sammy is chomping down on some kibble.

Peewee and Tryon are swating at each other under the coffee table through the table cloth. I have an old vinyl table cloth covering the coffee table at the moment because I'm repainting it and didn't want to get anything on it until its sealed. So she's under the tablecloth, he's outside the tablecloth and they're swating at each other through it
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Noodles is in 'her box' on top of some bins of off season clothing that are in my living room (but belong in the other room! ) Mooch I don't see. She's probably chillin in the bathroom.
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Destroying the catnip bag toy we bought this evening...should have trimed those claws b4 giving it to nip all over the place now!! lol
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Originally Posted by My cat Mellow View Post
Destroying the catnip bag toy we bought this evening...should have trimed those claws b4 giving it to nip all over the place now!! lol
That's funny. Popsie doesn't really go for catnip much.
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Gracie is sitting in my lap, Elliott is eating as usual and Annabelle is sitting on the couch with my Husband watching "Miami Ink"
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Chuckie is curled up on a fluffy blanket in the lounge. He's already been out in his enclosure this morning and tried another escape attempt. He jumped up onto the bottom door for cuddles and scratches then hooked his front claws into the shade cloth! lol. We're going to take him to the vet to see how he goes with nail clipping. His nails have grown alot the last 12 weeks now that hes indoors.

*sighs* i hope he doesn't freak out*
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Sibohan for the first time in her life slept on my dad's lap tonight... and when I say sleep I mean all four runners up in the air belly open for rubbing and nose snuggled against his arm. It was so cute my dad is a big manly guy and this little fuzball laying on him, he didn't want to move so he wouldn't wake her up.
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Sassy is stretch out in the center of the living room floor under the ceiling fan. It has been pretty warm in the apartment all evening but is starting to cool down now so he is enjoying it.

Linus is sitting in the window watching to see if the neighbors cat is out and about. It usually comes over about this time and sleep on my padded lawn chair. Apparently it makes a wonderful kitty bed.
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Doc is hanging out in a cardboard box of recycled newspapers

Munchie is meowing his head off in the other room like the furry dictator he's become in the past couple days
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Kitters after demanding cold water from her daddy is hanging out in front of the front door waiting for daddy to put the stuff back for her to curl up on th laundry bag!!! She does rule the roost!
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Shinya and Yuna are both asleep!

Yuna is in her own room (because if I don't seperate them, they won't sleep and they NEED to sleep cause they're babies!), I'm guessing she's curled herself into this cardboard box thats in there...
And Shinya is curled up at the base of the balcony doors. I have these huge floor length black curtains and she likes to get herself between the window and the curtain and sleep there.. I only know she's there because I can see her little blue tail sticking out! :

Ah.. I just heard a crash and a cry for attention from the next room.. so I guess Yuna woke up! *runs off*
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Lucky is practicing her pouncing, on Sophie our toy pom.
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Sushi is chasing her tail on my feet/attacking my feet, Snickers is staring inside at me from the hallway, and Sake is in border collie mode and is herding my stuffies- and then guarding them.
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