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Flea Treatment Question

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I've been not-so-consistent with giving my cats flea treatments. I usually only remember to give them a dose when Spot has a skin flare-up (the vet says she's allergic to fleas). Generally the skin issues disappear after I apply the flea treatment.

Anyway...Spot is having another skin issue, but I don't remember if it's been a month or not since I last applied the treatment. Both my husband and I think it's been at least 3 weeks, if not 4 or more. Would it be harmful if I put it on her today if it has only been 3 weeks? Or should I try to wait another week.

The last treatment I put on her was the last of the box of "Revolution". I went out today to buy some "Advantage"..so that's what I have ready.

I really need to mark this on the calendar
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CALL a VET ....

Frontlines protection for fleas is 3 months you may want to look into that
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I agree with Sharky - ask your vet to see what is safe.

DH and I have bad memories, so we just do any treatment on the 1st of each month. It's the easiest way to remember.
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I have a hard time remembering if I gave the furries their meds.

The dog's heartworm tablets - on the outside of each tablet package, I write the month it should be given. And I do not give them out of order.

Frontline - I also write the month on it.

The dogs get glucosamine every morning - we turn the bottle upside after it is given. The bottle is turned rightside up at dinnertime (we keep it in the kitchen).
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I treat my cats with Advantage, which I think works really well. My problem is this...one of my 4 cats seems to be allergic to it. After I apply it, he itches worse then ever for days. Can anyone suggest something different to try? Thanks!
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Frontline... I use just frontline for my dog and will start soon with Zoey..
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