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Help..I think...

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Our babies Garfield, Nermal and Missy are with us still, they all seem to be doing ok, however, I have a bit of a concern... maybe I am just worrying too much.

Twice today, while holding Garfield (just 31 days old) he was sleeping, both times he stiffened up and screamed out like he was in pain. I cannot find any reason for this at all. It happened this afternoon, and I did not think much of it, thought he was "dreaming", but he just did it again.. it does not last long, but he still does it and it concerns me a bit.. should I worry?

Tomarrow all the kittens have a vet visit anyhow...

But my hubby has me concerned becuse he said his experience with feline leukemia the cat acted like it was in horrible pain and yowled out... could this be what I am seeing? I know my vet told me feline leukemia usually kills kittens by their second year...... am I worrying too much?
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I would get the test ....

I am not a young kitten expert ... at 31 days baby should be with mommy still
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