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Oh what a relief it is

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I'd not posted this before, I was waiting for the verdict. But last week I took Trace Tumblebrutus to the vet to check out a lump on his tummy, near where his missing leg was removed. We made the 102 mile trip to a specialist in Louisville Ky, and he took samples of the mass. The over 200 mile round trip had poor Trace stressing quite a bit, poor guy.

The call was on the answering machine this evening. The mass is benign. We may have it removed if he licks at it excessively or if it otherwise bothers him, but the fact that it's NOT cancerous is plenty of good news for now.
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That is GREAT news!
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Excellent news!
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Oh that's great!
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What a relief you must feel!
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Wow great news you must be jumping for joy.....
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What a wonderful relief that must be!

Give Trace and extra treat from me tonight.
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That's very good news, indeed!
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So glad to hear your good news. Congratulations!!!!
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That's so wonderful!!! I'm so happy for you and Trace
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Wonderful news!!! Now you can breathe a sigh of relief!
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such good news....

I'm soo happy for you;; those types of things can scare the life out of you... and it's wonderful when it's just that,, a lump and nothing more...

That is wonderful news..
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Poor Trace!! I'm glad that's over with, and I hope he doesn't end up needing it removed
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Good news!! Will you continue to watch that area still??
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