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I have kitties!

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Rowena had her kitties this morning. Five in total, from 6 am to 8 am. I missed the last two while I was at school today.

And I'm so glad this is the only litter she's going to have, because the waiting nearly killed me and then she had the babies in bed with me.
Going from sleeping to OMFG KITTEHS FTW! was seriously painful for my psyche.

I've got pictures soon! You're all going to hate me for the spammage. ^_^
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Congratulations on a healthy delivery! I've added her to our "already delivered" thread.
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Five kittens in 2 hours - that's great! Glad things turned out well for all and waiting for pictures
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Yay! we had ours the same day When my husband heard that they could have them on the bed his eyes got really BIG! hahaha Guess I should be happy that she only had them under the desk and not on the bed!


Plz post pics
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I'm glad everything went well! Can't wait for those pics!
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nother update.

She's also decided to play the "let's hide the kitties under mommies bed" game.

She's under there right now with two of them, and peeking out from under the bed waiting for me to leave to get the other two under there. and of course, the bed is low enough that I can't get under there particularly easily.
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Seems weird to see white kittens with a tortie mom
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awww too adorable! Are there 4 or 5?
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Seems weird to see white kittens with a tortie mom
The kitties are adorable.
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There are five. Four of them are under the bed. I think she's rejecting one of them. Which is really really really bad. I have school ten hours a day. and I just bruised the bone on my finger.
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everything's doing ok now I've blocked under my bed and she's nicely situated where she gave birth, and seems content to stay there. my rooms small so the bed was really the only hiding spot. some of the kittens are starting to get patterns too, which makes it easier to tell apart.

well . she just got under the bed while I was typing this.
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