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Lead paint

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Maybe I'm paranoid, but I just moved into an old apartment with lead-based paint that has been painted over several times over several years. My worry is what harm could come from hammering nails in the walls to hang pictures and such. There wouldn't be chips, large areas of exposure or much dust, but I do wonder if the particles just from hammering could harm a cat (I have two). Anyone have experiences/anecdotes/professional insight?
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I just moved out of a house built in 1884 that obviously had lead paint on the walls at some point in its life. I like to move my pictures around so was always removing nails and rehammering them in new places. None of my cats or dogs were ever harmed and honestly, never gave it a thought until we sold the place and the new owner brought it up. We also had asbestos siding somewhere between the inner and outer walls.

What I've been told is that as long as you don't tear into the walls, you should be fine. A small nail hole isn't considered tearing into walls.
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