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Austin's Woes Not Over

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All this morning and afternoon, Austin lay in the same place on the bed. When I try to move him, he growls. He seems to be in some kind of pain. He just got up to go to the bathroom and he ate a little bit when I put his food bowl in front of him, but that's the most I've seen him move all day! He wasn't in any such pain yesterday, when the vet told me everything was fine. What's worse, none of the vet clinics are open right now, and they won't be open again till monday.
What's going on?
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Ryan I missed why Austin was at the vet in the first place? Could you fill me in?
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Hissy, the reason Austin went to the vet yesterday is in this thread http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=13633

If it's possible you might try calling either the after hours number or the answering service used by your veterinary clinic. Leave a message requesting that the vet who saw Austin yesterday return your call ASAP.
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Sorry to keep jerking you folks around! It seems like Austin was having a reaction to his rabies shot. We took him to the all-night vet and he got some shots. he'll be fne.
Thank you all or your compassion! Austin sends thank yous.
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Thank you for the update Ryan. I was worried for Austin. I am glad he is going to be alright.
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me, too!
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Thanks for all the concern about Austin! Ryan and I were very concerned when it seemed to go on for almost a week. He is starting to get back to his normal self as of yesterday the 1st. We took him to a local animal hospital last Saturday night and they gave him a clean bill of health too. I think he just was "down". The first vet we took him to suggested that cats are very emotive and it did seem like he had the holiday blahs!
We are just a little paranoid since we had our youngest cat die very suddenly a year ago last November, but thankfully eveything worked out fine!
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