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Cat ailing

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We have a neutured 10 mo old Cat that gets sick at home, we take to the vet, they can't find anything wrong, she comes home and gets sick again.

We have no plants, no cleaning stuff out, no chemicals at all that she can get to, but she starts throwing up and won't eat.

She eats the same food at home as at vet.

Any ideas what we are doing wrong?.
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That is odd. Can you try confining her to a small room when she first comes home? That way, it would reduce the number of possible factors and simulate the cage at the vets. Also, is there any chance of mold or other allergens?
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Could she be eating too fast? What type of food does she eat? Dry or wet? When she gets sick,does it look like (gross,I know!) chunks of freshly eaten food? My Lil Bit eats so fast sometimes,it will make her sick. It looks like a little sausage of bunched up crunchies. If the vet only fed small portions...and then you free feed at home,maybe that could be the problem? I hope it isn't anything too serious!
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