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Introducing The Boyz

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I am a newbie here and there were requests for pics of our Boyz in my intro thread so here ya go .....
A bit of background .... we adopted all 3 Boyz together from the Humane Society in July 2004 and they turned 4yo this past March

This is Pippin .... he is a big cuddle bear Last year he had to have 10 teeth extracted so once in a while his lower canine will hook on to his upper lip and we call that his Elvis look

This is Merri .... our pretty boy He is our licker .... when he is hungry or wants his tuna, he starts licking my Husband's hair and will not stop until he gets what he wants

And last, but certainly not least, this is our Sam. He is my special baby and loves to cuddle, giving lots of head butts and love nips

This pic was taken just last week while the Boyz were enjoying themselves in our new screened in deck
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Gorgeous Boyz!!
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Very handsome boys! I like the one of all three. They certainly look like brothers!
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Omigosh are they GORGEOUS!!! ('Course, I never met a cat I didn't fall head-over-heels for -- they ALL have me wrapped around their tails! But your guys sure are handsome and that's no lie!) Bless you for rescuing THREE boys all at once -- I'm sure you've never regretted it and never will...
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They are GORGEOUS!!
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They are sure cuties
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Oh they are all Beautiful My goodness they are, are they part Maine Coon? Oh man
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They are beautiful, how did you get all three to look in the direction of camera all at the same time?? I want to post pictures of my crew, but I can't get even one to lok at me I try candid, posed, sneaking up on them nothing works.
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what handsome boyz!!!
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Your boys are absolutely adorable. I'm in love!
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Those tails.... They are really gorgeous boys... Isn't it crazy how the most beautiful animals are from the humane society.. People are so dumb to give away these beautiful creatures.. They are soo beautiful.. Reallyyy..
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They are just gorgeous - are they all from the same litter? I thought I was looking at triplets!
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They are gorgeous! I love the last pic!
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Thanks everybody for all the nice comments and warm welcomes
As far as we know, the Boyz are littermates ... they were found straying together so they were presumed to be littermates.
I have often thought that Pippin might have some Maine Coone blood in him just by his shere size, his coat, and his loving temperment, but neither Sam nor Merri have anywhere near the same type of fur ... Pippin's is very long, and fluffy with a big furry tail and pantaloons; Merri is long-haired as well and his fur is super soft; Sam is short-haired, but not super-short and his fur is also pretty thick.
Here is a link to the 'Happy Tails' section of the Humane Society where we adopted them from, and the Boyz' story is posted there
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Your boys are absolutely gorgeous!! I would love to have a screened in porch like that...and i'm sure my kitties would love it too!!
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OH what handsome BOYS!
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they are adorable! Now I know what your username means.
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What absolutely stunning boys. They sure do look like triplets. Just lovely.
Where's Fodo?
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