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I am in trouble Now....

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So, I rescued this baby kitten from the woodpile and we are seriously IN LOVE. I have always had cats and I enjoy them all so much, but ths little stray and I have totally bonded. He tested slightly positive for FIV but that turns out to not be an issue since my other cats have no interest in him at all. So its easy to keep thm seperate till he gets re-tested. Meanwhile I am spending embarassingly large amounts of time playing with him, cuddling and generally spoiling. When I come into his room he comes running with his little eyes shining with adoration and love, and I turn into a gibbering, baby-talking dork! My husband thinks we have enough cats (4) but he will have to pry him out of my cold dead hands. I just had to share all this craziness with some people who understand......
Oh and one more thing, the vet says he is a boy but I am just not seein it, is it that hard to tell?
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Oh my Lord, he's beautiful!

I can never tell if a young kitten is Female or Male.
When they get older it's very easy to tell, the little boy parts are pretty hard to miss
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Yea to me it was pretty hard to tell if my cat was male or female.At first i thought that males had their private on their belly like dogs,but about 6 mths ago i found out he was a boy,when i was taking him to get"spayed".They told me he couldnt be spayed because well he wasnt a girl.lol.so he got neutered.
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Definately have the kitten retested when he is a little older. Many times, those tests are inaccurate when they are so young. Especially can make a difference if the kittens mother had it or not, or if she was vaccinated against it, etc...

Plus FIV positive and negative cats CAN live together if he does test positive again, just as long as they get along well. It takes a lot to spread FIV, it really is only spread by (besides mating) the deep deep bites of serious aggressive fighting such as intact male tom cats would do. Unless your cats routinely rip each other to shreads, they should be fine.
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That's really good news about the FIV. They never fight, mostly they ignore each other. Since I found him, I have no idea about the mom. The vet was all about separating him, and everything I read said its not necessary if they dont fight. It doesn't matter, cause if I took him to the shelter they would euthanize, they are that bursting with kittens right now, and with that test result. I think the universe wants me to have him, he came right to me. I guess he might really be a boy, but his parts arent really showing yet. I guess I will find out when I get him fixed. I don't have a good name yet for a boy, tho.
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My cats always have people names, and when I look at him I see Patrick!
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HE IS ADORABLE!!! I want him hahaha I sooo understand how you feel. That's why I could never be a foster kitty mom. I would want to keep all of them and my heart would break every time I had to let one go. I put the word out about the kittens weeks ago and now I've got someone who's interested in one...and I don't want to let them go when they become old enough. My husband's starting to understand, too...he said the other day, "You know you're going to want to keep at least one kitten!" I was soooo surprised. He's usually "no no no!!"
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Patrick is nice, i like it. I will run it by the family. When i foster it is easier to let a whole litter go, they go together and they have each other and I know they dont need me really anymore. But this is different, there was so much drama in the rscue, and he had been burned on his paws,and he was so pathetic. The Universe knew just where to send him!
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