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Update on Lilly!!!

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Hi all!!

Lilly actualy ate about 10 pieces of dry food and a little water Sunday night at 10pm. Monday I thought that she would be a little better and eat or drink a little but she wouldn't. I couldn't get her into my local vet, So i got her in on emrgency fee at a animal hospital about an hour away. It's a good thing I got her in b/c what was wrong didn't have anything to do with her falling off the dresser. She actualy has a pretty bad virus that cats seem to get around the begining of Aug. If not taken care of and gotten under control they could die. She has ulcers on her tongue, and in her throat, that's why she can't eat. I told this Vet that our local vet said, she wasn't to concerned that she had not ate in over 24 hours or darnk in 24 hours. She could'nt believe that I was told that. She said that cats have to eat and can't go to long with out food, b/c the body starts digesting stored fat, and it causes something to happen to the liver which they will die from liver failuer. I was really upset, b/c I knew it wasn't a good thing to go that long with our food or water intake. Lilly is on a pain medicine for 5 days, and antibiotic, for 5 days. They syringe fed her Hill's Perscription Diet A/d she said that this had a lot of nutrients in it, and even just a little amout would do great benifets for her if she couldn't eat alot. When I brought her home last night, she actualy on her own ate a good helping of can food with out being force fed, and then drank alot of water. I have been at work so I didn't know if shes ate or not so I syringe fed her some can food and she seem to like it ok. SO I am hoping in a few days that she will be back to her self again.

Thanks Gina, Lilly,n Oreo
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I'm glad you were able to get Lilly to the ER vet. I hope she is feeling better soon and continues to eat. It's good that she is cooperating with the syringe feeding. Positive thoughts and healthy vibes to Lilly.
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I'm so happy that you got her into a Vet and that's she's feeling better.
I'll keep her in my thoughts and Prayers.
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Happy to hear Lilly is eating a little more I don't blame you for being upset with the other vet with all kinds of diseases going on and tainted food its surprising to hear this vet not to worried .

You and Lilly are in my prayes here is a Angel to watch over you both

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