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Ziggy has Melanoma in his eye

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Ziggy had his appointment with the animal eye specialist today and she said that she suspects the spots in his eye are pre-cancerous. She told me she wants to see him again in two months, and in the mean time I am putting drops of an anti-inflammatory into his eye twice a day so that he can keep his eye as long as possible.

She told me that this type of cancer doesn't spread outside the eye until in the much later stages and that I caught it very early on so we are going to do all we can to keep his eye as long as possible, but it will have to come out in a few months in order to save his life. She explained there are too many spots for them to try and use a laser to get rid of them. and I am sort of glad because even though it is terrible he will lose an eye, it is better to know the cancer will be completely gone from his body, rather than chance it with laser removal.

He is a two year old cat, and because he is so young it has me very sad, but at the same time I know its for the best. it's just unfortunate.

anyway I made a post in my own personal blog about this with many pictures of Ziggy from when he was a baby and some recent pictures, and a picture of his eye with the spots. if anyone is interested:

anyway, this cat is my baby, my buddy, I rescued him from the warehouse where I used to work where he was left abandoned and only four weeks old two years ago so any words of advice or support, or especially stories of people who have cats who have come through this with great results would be very appreciated ^_^
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Ziggy is just precious, that poor baby But Thank God you caught it early, he will adjust to having one eye. Many big hugs to you and Ziggy while you go through all this
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Aww poor ziggy, I am sure the love you give him definatly helps his recovery
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My heart is breaking for you and Ziggy the good thing is it was caught in time........
Dam that Cancer

The love you will give is the best love of all

You and Ziggy are in my prayes I'm sending a Angel to watch over you both

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thanks everyone, I got teary-eyed just reading
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What a gorgeous fella he is! I can imagine what you are going thru and I'm sure he will do just fine! He is lucky to have you to help him thru this! Lot's of kitties don't have parents as attentive as you seem to be! Good luck and prayers for you both.
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I am so sorry that you are both going through this.
But I am glad that it is treatable.

He will lose some depth perception, but some able to compensate quite well and you'd never realize it was an issue for them.
And once he is healed from surgery, there shouldn't be any pain - so it's better than a lot of other things that cause lasting pain.

You are such a good mom to notice and get early treatment.
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I added him to myspace. Unfortunately i can't do anything money wise, i am sorry. But i really hope that you will have the money and be able to help your boy. He is beautiful. I know that when he loses his eye, he will be able to adapt quite well. You would be surprised how well cats do after a surgery of that sort. My baby has been blind from birth, and endured a double operation of spaying/double eye removal at the tender age of 4 months old, she is now 15 months, and a huge adventurer and trouble maker! *hugs* lots of well wishes and hugs
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I'm so sorry to hear about little ziggy...I hope that everything works out well.

I do have a question for you. How did your vet determine that the melanoma could be pre-cancerous? My Isadora has Melanoma spots in one of her eyes (it's been progressively getting worse over the past several years), but two different vets have told me that they're not concerned about it...but being the paranoid kitty mom that I am, I'm still really worried about her. Did you vet do any tests or anything?
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When I first saw the spots in March I brought him to the vet, who told me they weren't worried since they did a full exam including full blood tests and I suppose every kind of test that they do, but if the spots darkened, changed or grew or anything that I should bring him back. so when I brought him back a few weeks ago, because the spots did all those things, my vet recommended I take him to an eye specialist because he said the change and growth of the spots were worrysome. the vet told me sometimes the spots can be just a color change, other times it can become cancer.

the specialist took one good look at it and said she was worried about them, that they are pre-cancerous and that we had to bring him back in two months. she wants him to keep his eye for as long as possible but it will definately have to come out.

if you are worried I recommend going to an animal eye specialist just to be sure.
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