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Elderly Persian appears to be peeing where she sits

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We have a nineteen year-old Persian who is "withdrawing" somewhat from social contact with our family, although she has a healthy appetite and, until yesterday, has used her litter box diligently.

For the last two days we have discovered her coat to be matted with urine.

It's possible that this is a "dirty protest" at the presence of our two new kittens, but they were gently introduced and Chelsea, who no longer hisses at the new arrivals, appears to be prepared to tolerate them, although she rarely leaves the kitchen now and seems a little depressed.

Do you think this peeing is depression, senility or something more physiological? Can anything be done? I have a pheromone spray that is supposed to be comforting to a stressed cat but I'm not sure how to apply it to this issue or whether she is indeed stressed.

Chelsea is very, very old but we want to make what remains of her life as pleasant as possible. Having said that, it's going to be difficult to deal with the consequences of a Persian who soaks her luxurious coat in urine every day.

Chelsea has suffered from urinary tract infections in the past but has not demonstrated the symptoms this time (spending way too long laboring in her litter box).

Can anyone help, please?
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How is her access to litterboxes? Now that she's older it might be harder for her to get to a box, especially with the kittens around. Maybe them being rambunctious around her usual box makes her not want to use it right then and there and then she's too old to hold it in while getting to the next one?

I don't know though, I'm sure others will pipe in with more experience of these sort of issues.
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I would still get her tested for a UTI. You never know, I've had kitties with UTIs who do not strain at all. (I make it a regular thing, check every 4-6 for UTIs with kitties who have a history). I do agree with Siggav, I would wonder if she can easily access the LBs or if she is being harassed by the babies when she is in the LB.
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I really suggest a vet visit for her. I don't want to alarm you, but this is something you might want to take very seriously. The experience that I have with an older girl soiling herself was with my 17 year old Shep, who had a cognitive disorder due to either a stroke or a brain tumor. At that age they can have mild strokes which can affect their normal proper routine.

We also had an issue with where the litter box was placed in relation to Shep's favorite sleeping spot. The younger cats would terrorize Shep when she jumped down to use the litter box. We got the 2 of those closer together and got her a shorter litter pan (her back leg was slightly lame from the stroke). She got much better using it.

Even if she is not suffering from those particular physiological issues, she is 19 years old and some cats just get forgetful about things, can become incontinent, or just sleep so hard that they don't notice when they need to go. Perhaps the vet can groom her behind so that if it continues to happen, she will be easier to clean?
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A vet visit is needed ... it could be a dimentia thing or the start of a seriuos issue like kidneys....
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