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Do you Show your cat?

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I was just wondering how many of you out there show your cats. I am going to be showing myself this next weekend in las vegas. I was also wondering what section you show in premier (neutered or spayed) or open or the household pet section. If anyone out there is going to the las vegas show I would love to chat with you.:tounge2:
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Is it hard work to get your cats ready for shows?

Do you have to train your cat to not take a swipe at the judge when he/she starts prodding and poking them?

I'm curious - I have two moggies who are neither of them the most attractive cats in the world (only a mother could love Alf).
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Tigger is one that I know would win, but I have chosen not to show her. She is not one who likes to be held all the time, or be confined in a cage.
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I show abys. Would be at the Vegas show if I still lived there but moved back east in April. It's a nice show, you'll have fun. What hotel are you staying at? The show hall isn't is the best of neighborhoods so be careful and park near the entrance. Good luck.

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I think it would be fun showing Nakita, especially since reading about Bundylee's and Purringpanther's adventures.

Nakita doesn't mind being held by strangers at all! But, I think all the noises and other pet smells would make her to scared. So I'm content on just showing her pictures to everyone since I already know that she's the top cat in my books!

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My friend has a friend that we are staying with. I live close to LAs vegas in Barstow so its not too far for me. My male is a big lush so it is no problem with the people and such. I have seen the judges though and they seem to know how to handle the cats. i think it is a great way to get out share your cat even if it is not purebred and meet other crazy cat people. plus I am excited to see the vendors and hope the photogapher is at this show. I raise persian cats so this is a way to show everyone what I raise. well when I get back i will let you know how my pecan and I do.
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Ohhh....Angel was never shown, but she would've won! You want to talk about the most arrogant queenie be cat! She was it even though she was just a pure mix of cat mutt! She was pure white...long hair....and really all about herself. She loved you only when it was convenient for her She is my avatar picture, but that doesn't acuratly show her!

Do cats have to be pure-bred to be shown?
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Most shows have a section called household pet. They can be any mix of cat and they just need to be fixed to compete. I hear it is very fun. There isnt as much competition and is a great time for people to meet and chat about cats.
You should check out a show near you they are fun to go and see.
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I don't show but I would love to some day! Had I the time, money and know how.

My gang of 3 would have to be shown the house hold pet division, I have looked into that one a little bit years ago.
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No. It would be nice.. They are not breeds though.. They are mutts! Tavish is afraid of a new environment or strangers. Jude loves it ebcause he can find a way to escape but he still needs us!.
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