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Pics of Topaz!

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Sis finally found the cord for the camera she gave me and I got some pics of Topaz! She is so hard to get to sit still for pics. She usually hides. They also show her color combination (which I have not seen before) and her pale blue eyes.

Good Grief, Meowmy, I'm taking a bath!

What? Another bath shot?

Okay, here's your chance. You may take a picture. Make sure this is the one that Bijou sees.
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I love how the color of the storage tub compliments her eyes.

She's beautiful!
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Thanks for sharing your pictures of Topaz! She has such an adorable face
Cats are the cutest and your cat is one of them!

I haven't seen that color combination either...Topaz is unique!

Best Wishes for you & Topaz!

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What an unusual color beautiful girl she is!

Great pictures
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Topaz is a gorgeous kitty!
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what a cutie.
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Aww, she's beautiful! I'm sure Bijou will be quite taken by her.
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I can't see the pictures here at work but I'll be sure to show Bijou when I get home. He'll probably go all sappy on me once he looks at his beautiful Topaz.
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Wow!!! Topaz is more beautiful that I imagined!! And tell Ari I don't think she has a fluffy butt at all!!
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Wow, she is an adorable kitty! She has beautiful eyes
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She's a beautiful girl

Is it just the way the light is hitting her in the last picture or is she crosseyed?
I ask because my Gracie is crosseyed.
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Topaz is a very lovely girl!
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Wow Jan was a beauty she is, looks like she got paint thrown everywhere on her
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gee cant you let a girl take a bath without those flashing things going off heeh
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Wow, what a pretty girl!
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She has some of the most unique markings I've ever seen! She's such a beauty
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She is gorgeous!!!!
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Oh, wow, love the colors! She's just beautiful.
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I'm thinking "How did i miss this thread", but looking at the date i was in Paris

Jan he's truly gorgeous, and he's got such a lovely coloured coat
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She's beautiful! I see why you call her topaz, with those pretty blue eyes.
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what a little beauty!!! i LOVE her markings too!!! just gorgeous
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She's so wonder you named her after a Gem
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She really is a beauty. So unusual.
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Originally Posted by sadieandziggy View Post
She really is a beauty. So unusual.
Isn't she? I would love to know about her parents, but she came as a stray.
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Bijou, BIJOU, get off the computer screen! Sit back a little bit - you'll be able to see better.
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