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long haired cats?!?!

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So cleo one of my kitties is well not a kitten hehehe. I have been fighting the flea battle for a week now and it is STARTING to look better. I see less fleas on the boys and I feel that there is an end at the tunnel. HOWEVER! cleo is still worse off than miko and he just doesn't seem to be getting better. He has lost some weight and i think it is just because of overall anger at the flea issue. the both of them don't seem to be eating all that much...
So... half my problem is trying to comb through his hair... how wrong is it to shave him??? If I am completly insane for thinking this is a possibility PLEASE let me know, but i seem to think that if i shave his hair i can treat the fleas better as they will have nowhere to hide...
anyone ever given there cat a haircut???
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Hi, Molly!

Cats get shaved fairly regularly at the vet's/groomer's, especially during the hot summer months, so no, you're not crazy.

Good luck!
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Are your cats on a flea treatment? Don't let them go too long without eating much. It may be time for a vet visit. Yes, you can have your cats shaved but that in itself probably won't solve the flea problem, which I'm guessing is just making them miserable. Sounds like they really need to get on a good flea treatment plan from the vet.
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