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I was wondering how exactly it works, I asume information is put on the chip and then it is injected into the cat, what happens if you move, ho does it get updated, and is it the same technology used in every country, being that we may get sent abroad it would be good to have something readable in other countries, and what kind of cost is involved.
Hopefully someone will be able to answer those questions!
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I'm glad you asked this because I knew some info about it but not everything, so I looked it up.

From what I understand the chip would have your vet or shelter information on it and then you would need to keep that facility informed as to your whereabouts if you moved.

So it is important that when you microchip, you use a facility that will be around a while and that keeps good records.

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Thank you! deffinatly useful info
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The chip has an id number. That number is registered to the purchaser of the chip. Then you register that number to you. If you move then you just change your info. Most vets/shelters have a universal scanner that can read all brands of chips.
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You may end up needing to get two different chips if you go abroad. Microchips emit their number at a certain frequency. In the US, it's 125 kHz. In Europe and most other places, it's 134.2 kHz. Unfortunately, not all chip readers read both types of chips, so if you think you will be traveling abroad, I would look into getting both kinds (if possible) and keeping the information up-to-date on both systems (each manufacturer has its own system for keeping track of owner information).

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