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Anya started delivery about 80 minutes ago

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She's had 3 so far. The first two are thriving and have been suckling away every since. The latest one that was born about 15 minutes ago just laid there. I moved him/her up towards mama's chest so she could more easily bathe him/her. She looks so tired! We have a calico and 2 orange ones so far.

I knew she was due any time...she had discharge drippling from her this morning at about 5:30. I tried to scoop her up but she took off running. Then my husband said he saw her run out of the bedroom at about 7am and hadn't seen her come back in. I went looking and the first place I found was where she was. I was going to lock her up in the bathroom, but she's so skittish, she takes off easily. She ended up deciding to give birth underneath my husband's desk. Good thing I own a carpet cleaner!! I have a meeting at 10 and an exam at 12:30....I want to stay home with her!!!
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Congrats to you and and u was just talkin about ur cat not delivery yet...that is so exciting.....congrats again and cat wait to see pics
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Thanks! We only had 3...but she's a small girl to start with...They're totally precious. I've never had newborns before, so to see them that small is just amazing. As soon as I can figure out how to post pics, I'll do that.
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awww....congrats.You can post pics by going to photobucket and uploading your pics there and then under each pic there are about 4 codes.Copy the very bottom code and past it on here and it will show up once you submit the post.
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Thanks, Richi, I was doing just that! You answered a question I had...which code, so cool!

she decided not to give birth in the space I made for her, but under my husband's desk!!
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Awww...they are all very cute and healthy looking.I especially love the dark orange one.Im a sucker for orange tabbies
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Ha! I have a 13 year old orange tabby and he's quite a handful. He's my buddy...I love him to death!! He's sitting on my pillow next to me right now. He's hardly ever very far from me. My husband jokes that he's my orange shadow.

I'm surprised the baby has such striking orange markings. I didn't weigh them until tonight I was going to do their birth weight, but I was so busy this morning!

The white with orange is 5.5 ozs.
The dark beige is 4.6 ozs.
The orange one is 4.3 ozs.

I used a digital postal scale that I received from

How often should I be weighing them? Mom's not too upset when I take the babies away from her. Only when they start squealing does she look concerned and calls out to them. She hasn't made one peep since I took her in 3 weeks ago and she just started making noises this morning to let me know she was starting labor. She's been an amazing mom for her being only a year old.
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Awww, they are precious!!
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Rather than saying "Wow they're so small!", I'm actually left pondering how huge they in fact are when you consider the fact that she had THREE OF THEM inside her!!!!

She did an amazing job.. they're adorable!
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The cool thing is that you have an excellant example of the difference in color between a red tabby and a cream tabby And the other one is a cream/white

Personally I don't weigh kittens. If they are fat and contented and not crying, they are getting enough. All of them look like good healthy kittens with no problems being underweight. I'd relax on the weighing. Unless you are really concerned about a kitten not growing, you don't have to weigh them.
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