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Constant meowing

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I adopted a cat from the shelter, he was a little scared but has really gotten comfortable--my question is he meows loudly during the night and even in the morning- he gets plenty of attention--the only time he is alone is when i am at work but when i return home he has my attention, is there a possible reason he is doing this meowing especially in the wee hours of the morning, any ideas of what is causing this?
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He might be needing more stimulation. I.e just being with cats isn't always enough, I need to play for around 2 hours a day with my cat or she'll keep me up at night. It's not necessarely what would fix things with your cat but extra play can often help.

Tire him out so he'll be wanting to sleep during the night, or atleast is calmer. Feeding wet food just before bed time helps too sometimes. I.e cats tend to get drowsy just after they've eaten.

I would try a very vigorous playtime before you go to sleep, it can't hurt to try anyway.
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