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New Hiding Place

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George has decided to "hide" on top of the refrigerator - and I'm a bit afraid that he'll fall off the back and get stuck. He's been with me for a little more than 3 months (he's 5 yr old) and you can tell that he's getting more and more comfortable living here - he tests the waters a little more each day. I have "stuff" on top of the frige thinking that he wouldn't want to go up there but maybe that's what he likes??

I'm very lucky that he doesn't like being on the furniture - except for the kitchen table and my bed- so I don't have to worry about hair everywhere (he's a long haired orange tabby).

Any suggestions on how to keep him off of the refrigerator - especially when I'm not home?? Thanks!!!
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I put a flat thin board (couple of bucks at the bldg ctre) over the top extending to the wall in back, and something heavy on top should keep it from shifting much... just check it once in a while.
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Blossom likes being up high as all cats do. She gets on top of the cupboard above the fridge, on top of my wardrobe, on top of the airconditioner in my bedroom & even on top of the pelmet over my bedroom doors. I haven't been able to keep her off, I've tried double sided sticky tape & aluminium foil. When we go out I close all the doors in the hallway except for the bathroom where her feed/water bowls & litter box are & lock her in so I know where she is & can't get into any trouble.
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One of Jamie's favorite places is on top of our freezer. It's fairly close to the wall, and since he's not a kitten, I don't worry about him falling into the space. I just moved everything off of the freezer and put a thick, folded bath sheet there for his comfort.
Does George have a high cat tree he can use?
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No cat tree - he does spend most of him time in the "pass through" window between the dining room and living room. The only furniture he gets up on is the kitchen table and the beds (usually only when someone is sleeping). Guess I'm lucky that I don't have to worry about cat hair on everyone's clothes! He has gotten up on some of the taller dressers in the house - but that was short lived - probably because there was nothing to watch once he was up there. That's why I was suprised to find him on the fridge. Ofcourse, since I asked the question, he hasn't been up there since.
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Have you tried squirting George with a stream of water when you see him do it? If you do that, block the area too until he learns. I've found with the water and two kittens that it doesn't take long. They have access to four pieces of cat furniture, a few window sills and chairs, all of which get a lot of use, but they inititally enjoyed scratching the couch and window/door screens, climbing the curtains,getting on the kitchen and/or LR tables, etc. I only had to "punish" them a few times before they learned otherwise what was for them and what wasn't. Unless I've just been outsmarted and all of this goes on when they're alone.
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