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Daily Thread Tuesday July 31st!

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Morning cat peeps!

Today I have an out of office appointment at 10am to inspect a property, so that will be good to get out of the office

Today is

So, be sure not to finish your_______

Have a great one guys!
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Good morning, hope its a fun one.
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Good morning all. Well, seeing as I just got home from work, it is time to go hit the ______. . Nite nite
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good ______

Today is just another work day. Then I have to go to the optometrist to get a prescription for new glasses. I can't wait to get new glasses, but I am NOT looking forward to getting the bill for them. I might need progressive lens and those aren't cheap
So I guess the pain will go directly from my eyes / head to my wallet.
I also need new frames. So I'll probably spend a few hours trying those on. I wish someone could come with me and help me choose.
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Eep. Almost Wednesday. It's zero degrees and my head has been throbbing for hours, went to councelling and recovering from my monthly female woes.

My toes are soo coooold!!!
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Morning all!!! Luna slept with me for most of the night last night. She only does this when B doesn't come to bed (he's been having bad back problems lately).

There was one moment last night that I woke up and the way she was sleeping almost looked like her neck was broken. I freaked because I leaned back and her head followed and she had her eyes open, but only the inner eyelids closed. I thought she was dead!!! So I started to pet her (checking for breathing) and she woke, readjusted herself and went back to sleep. I was last night. I it when she sleeps with me.
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Morning all, sorry to be gone so much and kids taking up my time...It is very hot and "muggy" here today with more rain on the way. I have to go shopping for my daughters dorm room today to finish getting what she will need..

Hope everyone has a great one!!
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Good _______ everyone, how are we _______?

Pretty hot day today I even got sun _________!

Everyone have a ________ day.
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Another hot and humid one for us as well.

Heading out early this morning for a doctor's appointment then off to work.
Setting up an appointment for cortisone shots for my poor old knees. I have had knee problems for several years and I have found the cortisone really helpful.

The kitties are on a search and destroy mission this morning. They spotted a moth awhile ago and are now in pursuit. I am not even sure if the moth is still in the house but they seem to think it is.

Everyone have a good one.
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Good Morning Everyone!

It's only Tuesday and I can't wait for Friday...

Not much else going on here...

Have a grrrrrrrrrrrrreat day!
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Its going to be ________hot today!!
No______for me today or tomorrow either with these temps.
Straightened up my garden shed this morning and watered another flower garden. They are all hanging in ok without any decent rain.
Picked 4 large spaghetti squash have to find three suckers **oops*** friends for them.
Going to spend the day in front of the fan again. Slept on the air mattress in the living room last temp-it wasn't too bad.
I did a Bruce the other night. I put the sorbet in the refrigerator instead of the freezer after eating it. YIKES!!
Keep ______________ everyone!!
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Good evening, Ive been up since 4 am, had to start work at 6:30 am at the airport, got home at 3:30 pm and just been relaxing, its now 6 pm and I am off to work again till 9 pm then im going to come home and sleep..
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I'm HOME ALONE!!!! Mom is with sis and they are going to visit Mom's little brother who was in the hospital last week. I'd be with them but I still have problems with my back and long drives. I will be using the time constructively. Sis found the cord that connects her old digital cam (which is now mine) to the computer and I uploaded a bunch of pics. Right now I'm getting some on photobucket.

And I really should sort through all the papers that I had to move so I could hook that cord into the computer.
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