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Computer Cat

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Hi, I am Peaches and yes I can run the computer. For that matter I run the entire house and let my pet humans play the computer every once and a while!!
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That is a CUTE picture!!!! Definitely has to go over to the 'Caption this'!!!!!

Peaches is such a pretty kitty!!!
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Peaches is just adorable!
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Thanks for the compliment. The little black one is our only girl.
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The bad part was that I would leave the room and then ask which one of my daughters had messed up the computer. Peaches also has a bad habit of carrying off hairbrushes. Of the four kittens he is the mischievous one.
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Sounds like there is NEVER a dull moment in your house!!!
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that is absolutely adorable! I guess you got all four kittens at once? wow, what a take-on! good for you. Too Cute!
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Actually the whole story is on the New Cats on the Block Section. We rescued a three-month-old stray in Italy who had been burnt, starved and cut in late August. Unbeknownst to the Vet (and us) she was about a month pregnant. The vet never suspected as she had some of her baby teeth and only weighed 1.5 kilograms (3.5 pounds give or take).

A month later she delivered 1 stillborn kitten and four small but healthy kittens. She tried to nurse them but was having a hard time producing enough milk. So my daughters supplemented their diet with Catzen Milch (kitty milk) and mothered them from the day they were born. The daughters and kittens bonded and the rest is history.

We already had a Bengal Tabby mix (the infamous Nippers) who adopted us two years ago and seems to like the other cats…so all is well with 6 cats in the house.

They all had a check up (to the tune of $321.00) and everyone is healthy. In a few months we are fixing the little boys.

Nipper’s Mom
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Belle Roma
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What a lucky kitty family! They are so cute, and I'm sure there's always something happening in your house.
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Oh your kitties are so adorable! i love that one of peaches on the computer! You should definitely submit that to the "Caption This" forums here so everyone can come up with cute captions for it!! Just e-mail the picture to Anne.
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Very cute!!

What I wouldn't do to have a couple of little furballs running around!


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It was nice of your kitty to let you on the puter long enough to post this thread!
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Good morning. A message said the photo was already posted???? What is Anne's e-mail? I am still pretty new to the sight and we are learning our way around.

My daughter said to try to rename the file..hope that works.

Nipper's mom and dad
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Nippers (and anyone else ) to get your picture on Caption This, you email your pics to Anne. Her email addy is anne@thecatsite.com. Then they choose pics and Deb25, the Mod for CT, puts a new one up every day(Monday-Friday, we give her the weekends off. )
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What little sweeties! I feel some kitten snuggles coming on - oh no! I have no kittens to snuggle. Some please snuggle your kittens for me!
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