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Hotmail drives me mad.

It's so useful for when you subscribe to forums but after about a month or so, the e-mail ads start.

At first you get one or two about Viagra, okay no problem. Now I'm getting them for porn sites, drugs, how to extend your 'you know', even bomb making equipment!

From what I hear it's e-mail mailers that just use random words sent to @hotmail.com, but I'm getting a little sick of it. Microsoft need to stop the spam it's annoying.

If anyone ever sends me an e-mail please use a subject that makes sense otherwise it gets deleted. I delete on average about 90+ e-mails from my Hotmail account every day.

Rant over You may all go back to your daily cat lovin'!
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Yea,I have two Hotmail accounts and junk mail folder gets always full!Grrrr! Have you tried to block those mails? That helps a bit...But I can recommend to get E-mail account from Lycos,no junk mail at all!
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I set up a hotmail account for the same reasons as you, BuNN, but I let it lapse because I was so fed up with the spammimg. If the more objectionable ones come from a known ISP, you can e-mail abuse@ISP and report them - forwarding the offensive e-mail as well. I was told never to reply to spam, as it just confirms you have a live addy.
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I heard about a major spammer in the US who got his come-uppance. Some clever hacker type person had managed to track him down and published his home address on the net. The spammer was having truck loads of junk mail delivered to his house daily!

I don't use hotmail for the reasons stated. I have had a yahoo account for a few years now, and they have a anti-spam option which you can switch on and can reject addresses permanently. I rarely get any spam.
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I use netscape mail, no spam. I detest hotmail, but I give that address to people I dont trust
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You have to wonder, as well, if Hotmail sells email addresses. There are tons of websites that do so I am always very careful where I hand out my real email address. Now, on TCS, I have my primary email address so I can be notified right away with responses, but I also trust this site not to sell my email address I am right to think this, correct?!?!?!?!?!??! :tounge2:
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I have 3 e-mails, Hotmail is used for spam and forum subs. The others are for private matters and I don't give them out. Some people use software to actually scan forums for e-mails and theses are sold on to others.
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I too have a Hotmail account but it is set up so that only people that are in my address book can send me mail, all others are blocked. For this forum, which also happens to be the only forum I'm subscribed to, I use my primary email which is Outlook Express. I do trust this site but am very skeptical about who I give my address to. My hubby has a hotmail account that is not blocked and he has the same problem with getting spam.

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I use Yahoo mail for forums and sometimes get spam, but you can block the address and if you know it is spam, you can choose to have it sent to the trash automatically.
One thing to do is if gives an option to remove your email from a spammer, dont reply because then they have got you.
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I've sent hotmail mail to friends and it can take HOURS for them to receive it. The service sucks. Use Yahoo. You'll get your messages almost immediately and no junk mail.
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One thing I can guarantee - TCS does not and will not ever sell your email address or abuse it in any way! I hate spam as much as anyone else and would never play along with any spammers. You are not even subscribed to the TCS newsletter by joining the forums or making a cat page. The only way to subscribe to the newsletter is by actively doing so.

Here's a link to the TCS privacy policy page:

Just remember that like Bunn has said, some spammers have special software that harvests emails off web pages. Which means once you give out your email address on any page (this forum as well), some spammer may snatch it off the page and abuse it.
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I use Hotmail too, as my personal account. The amount of spam can be a pain in the backside, but I keep my filter set at high, and always check the Junk Mail for messages I might want to get through. Bunn, that's where your Christmas card ended up but don't worry, you're not junk anymore.
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But I actually create junk mail for a living (B2B, so I'm not completely evil...) And yes, mail houses, e-mail and snail mail sell their lists of names and addresses to other business to make extra money. So... best way to avoid junk mail and still have a life is to do business, sign up, whatever, only with people who have an opt-out upfront. If they don't mention an opt-out, chances are pretty good that they assume your opted-in. (TCS however, is one of those exceptions primarily because it is obviously run by a person and not a corporation. TRUST me, there is a huge difference.) Still, there are always filters and worst come to worse (I actually did this once), you could always threaten to sue them for harassment! :tounge2:
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I have had a yahoo account for 2 years and love it. I'd say 97% of the spam gets redirected to my spam folder so I never see it. It then gets automatically deleted every month or so.
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I wouldn't mind hotmail so bad if they didn't have a maximum number of blocked addresses. i had this one company keep emailing and their link to unsubscribe didn't bring up anything. I emailed them four times and it kept coming so finally i sent a whole bunch of replies back to them and signed them up to several daily email lists. Haven't got any since then hehe.
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I use Hotmail to forward mail to that I can't open on my other account. Here is how to rid yourself of spam on Hotmail.

Set your mail preferences to block mail from people not on your Hotmail address list.
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Ok, I have the three hotmail addresses and 1 yahoo mail. I think the amount of spam mail you get has something to do with the letter of your name/beginning of your email address. My main one is "c", my second one is "P" and my third one is "B". My main one, I get some junk mail, but it almost always goes in the junk mail box. My second one, I get tonnes of junk mail (like 15+ messages a day), and then my third one, I get hardly anything and that is the one I give out to other sites when you have to sign up for anything. My yahoo mail is just for rootsweb stuff (it didn't work on hotmail, and I figure it is a good thing now, b/c if it did, I would be going nuts! I am getting on average 15-20 emails a day for rootsweb--for all of those that don't know, rootsweb is a genealogy site). So I think that hotmail spam/junk mail is somehow affected by the letter of your name. I don't know why, it's just a theory. Anyways, that is my thought for the night! Hopefully I'll be able to get on here more often in the new year! I hope everyone had a good christmas, and happy new year to all!!
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I just signed up with Mail.com a free spamtastic email server. Ads galore etc. The only reason I bothered is because I can use the following e-mail address


Worth it for the name alone
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