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Weird behaviour while eating??

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I feel like I'm totally SPAMMING the boards today but oh well!! Someone can punch me if I'm getting annoying!

I have no idea if this is just a crazy kitten quirk or if there's actually some meaning to it. Shinya was my first ever kitten and she didn't do it so, it strikes me as kind of odd!!!

My Yuna, when she's eating, she'll occasionally stop at start scratching the floor. I say scratching, it's more like what a cat does when they're pushing litter around. It basically looks likes she's scraping invisible litter out of the way. Sometimes she sends her food bowl flying doing this but, due to the shape of them, no food has ever been lost. xD

She does it with her solid food and her milk, and probably water too! Is she just being kitteny, or is she trying to tell me something? (something I am apparently too stupid to understand! )
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sounds like she is trying to cover her food.
lol mine will walk past there bowles and then scrath all round it,
lol i hvae some pics posted around here of heyu using dirty socks to cover her food (yuck)
being kittens maybe she does not have have it down yet.
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My kitten does this too . I read on a thread maybe two weeks ago that this is normal, and an instinct from covering up their "kill" in the wild?? I just think it's cute! He does it for his food and water haha. I also read some people's cats bring their toys to their water dish when they are done playing, like moving their "kill" to the food area, but Tsar doesn't do that thankfully!!
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That's EXACTLY what it looks like she's doing.. based on the angle and stuff of where she stands. Is there a reason for it, or is it just a cute thing some cats do?

She has her own room for the time being, and I feed her and Shinya seperately so she doesn't try and eat the hard food, nor does Shinya eat all Yuna's soft food.... but Shinya does run in there sometimes if I've been careless and go poke at the food... so I wonder if she's trying to hide her food from Shinya!

On an odd note, what is up with my cats? Shinya went and used Yuna's toilet earlier... I hope that doesn't mean Yuna won't use it afterwards, cause that's going to be a pain!!! :/
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Ah ha! So that's it!! It is SO cute, really it is... but I was just worried that she'd gone insane or something.
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Radar is absolutely terrible for this, I have found all sorts of things in his food bowl, usually clean laundry that he's dragged off the radiators

The other day though was the funniest. He and Sonic were sitting at the food bowls and Radar started to scratch around. He started out scratching the floor, then tried to pull the throw off the sofa, but when that didn't move he started pawing at Sonic, dragging him towards the food bowl
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My Scarlett does that to food that she doesn't particularly like. I've also seen her do that to bowls that weren't spotlessly clean. She's both fastideous and picky.
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Well, I keep the bowls spotless because I'm just over fussy when it comes to the kitties... but I already suspect she doesn't like this food much considering I have to trick her into eating it by mixing it with other things. Weird since it's not like this is a new diet for her!

Either way, I'll be going to get a selection of wet foods for her that I can mix the soften dry food into... that way I can work out a combination that she likes. Just in case!
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