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Hiding in Cabinets

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Hi guys,

My kitten Tsar is 13 weeks old and has learned to OPEN CABINETS. We found this out when we thought he was in the bathroom but didn't see him, then all of a sudden his little head pops out of the cabinet door! It was pretty cute, and we don't keep any chemicals or anything in there, so I figured it wasn't a big deal since he can't seem to figure out the other door LOL.

Well he has also figured out the pantry. Since we just moved here the only thing we keep in the bottom part of the pantry is his food bag, some of his toys, and on the top shelf of the bottom one some various rice boxes and stuff. Nothing major at all. This afternoon he got into the cabinet and KNOCKED his baggie of toys onto the floor. Then tonight, he leaves the office without crying and we hear this weird noise. It's him in the cabinet banging around against his food bag. He has fresh food and water (purified even!) all the time, so I don't think this is a cry for food. The other times it look like he was just curious, but this time he looks SCARED! I don't know what he could be afraid of, after seeing him bang around in the cabinet I picked him up and walked around the house with him and he calmed down. I don't think he got ahold of any catnip or anything to make him hyper. I'm just wondering if this is normal? I'm a worrisome cat mommy! haha

He has two hiding spots that I bought (a kitten condo thats super soft and padded, and a kitten scratch tower) but he doesn't hide in either of them, even with me trying to teach him. He's super vocal all the time, and hates to be in a room by himself. If we're in the office and he decides its time to play in the living room he will go out there and cry until we go out there! Like "Mommy, Daddy!! Come play with me!!" even if we were playing in the office! Its really sweet, and he's a total snuggler. I guess I'm just worried about him being afraid of something. I checked out on our patio (2nd story, but just in case) and made sure there were no other animals out back or at our front door. So I'm just at a loss. The only other cats I've read about opening cabinets are Russian Blues. If he keeps this up I think I'll have to get those parent/child safety things for the cabinets we keep chemicals and pots etc in.

Any ideas?? THANKS!

Some pictures of him in the act, and on his tower. He has grown so much already! We've only had him three weeks, but it feels like forever and it seems like he's already doubled in size!



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Tsar is adorable

Most of my cats have been able to open cabinets, we just use child locks.

Demetri has never tried, but there are already child locks on for my nephew, he does however climb in as soon as a cupboard is opened.
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I think we may have the same problem, we only have had our 10 month old for 2 days and on the first night I found him entering the bathroom cabinet which is under the sink, I freaked out because I thought maybe one of us left the door ajar, there is all kind of chemicals in there, luckily I caught him as he was going in, then today i saw him put his paw under one of the kitchen cabinets (which is in the same style as the bathroom cabinet), as if to open it so I made a loud sound and he ran, so I dont know if he would have sucseeded in opening it, but after reading this I think maybe he would have opened it, and maybe he did open the bathroom cabinet too.

We now keep the bathroom door closed all the time, and I am just watching and waiting to see if he atempts a cabinet in the kitchen again!!
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My three have a designated cabinet they are allowed to go into and they don't seem to try and get in any others. I guess I'm pretty lucky!

A friend of mine's cat used to open the clothes dryer door, go out through the vent hose, and sit on the roof of the house. She finally had to place a heavy object on the dryer door.
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stopped that problem, child proof here too.
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OK I'm glad its a normal thing! I was really concerned he was trying to hide from something, instead of just wanting to be alone. I guess hes just playing or something, so its time to buy some child locks!
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