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Strange Question...

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As most of you already know, I took in two Siamese Crosses in August. I have a strange question that I hope someone can answer .

Is it possible that Xena is older than Hercules? They are 5 1/2 months old and were born the same day. Herk weighs 5 1/2 pounds and Xena weighs 5 pounds. I was thinking that maybe Xena was concieved earlier than Hercules. The reason I ask is becuase Xena loves catnip and it makes her crazy. Hercules doesn't bother with it.

Both their mother and father loved catnip, so it's in Herk and Xena's genes. The vet also told me that cats under 6 months old almost never respond to catnip. I thought maybe Xena could be older than Herk by a couple of weeks. One kitten in the litter was born prematuraly and unfortunatly the baby died. I have heard that the female cat can mate over and over again. Is it a possibility? Xena has already went into heat and her teeth are all fully grown in while Herk hasn't lost his baby fangs (his adults are coming in). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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wow, what an interesting thought. I've also heard that one litter could have many fathers. If it was the other way around, I would say perhaps males just grow faster, but it's the female that is the question right? hmm, very interesting. Sorry I can't help you more. I feel sorry for the kitten that died.
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Yes, one could have been conceived at the beginning of the mother's season by one sire, and the other could have been conceived at the end of her season by another sire. The heat doesn't usually last two full weeks, though.
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I had one kitten who loved catnip by 3 months, so it could be she is just an early maturer.
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Drug addict at 3 months old uh? Sheeesh whats the world coming too :P
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At least human girls do! Everything matures at their own rate. I'm sure he is moving along at the right pace for him and she is maturing at the right pace for her! She may even come into heat early! YIKES!
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I did't know a litter of kittens could have 2 father's. Of course I keep my female inside all the time,so I know who the daddy is.
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