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Methionin, such a dissappointment

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I ordered this for FAng, I had no idea they were the size of horse pills! There is no way I can shove half a one of these down Fang's throat, and he will not eat them as a snack.

I guess tomorrow, I will pulverize one and put it in his food, but I am pretty sure that won't work, he doesn't like stuff put in his food.

I was counting on this as my solution to spending a fortune on carpon. darn
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UMM I think many members use a gel like hairball goo
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The gel won't work for him either, he hates it when I try to put hairball gel on his paw, or in his mouth. It would be impossible to determine how much of it he actuallyingests, and how much of it is spit on the rug, and shook off the paw.
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I crushed a half pill this am, into the food, and fang ate the whole thing, so that is good. Not sure how long that will work, and he doesn't always gobble down all his food, so we will see, now I have to catch a sample to see what his ph is later today. I'm hoping for the best
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I'm sorry, I thought I said that I fed those like treats. Did try breaking one into quarters and just handing them to Fang? They taste really good.
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Fang likes to smell them, but he won't eat them.
I crushed another half this morning and put it in his food, he ate most of it, and walked away, but did come back and finish. I saved it for him, can't let the others eat it. If he keeps taking it like this, it will be ok, but, I tried this with cranberry powder, he ate it for a few days, and then turned his nose up. It is easier to pill him, but so far so good. Two mornings. I did not give an afternoondose yesterday, cause his PH was still relatively low, in the afternoon, but he peed without me this am, so I don't know how if fared overnight. I know the instructions are every twelve hours, but I want to see what the ph is in the am, before I give the night before, I don't want to overdo it.
I may incorporate this with the carpon, that will help with the expense.
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I just rec'd mine also about 1 1/2 weeks ago. I break mine in half
and break those in half again, so you have 4 pieces. I give the 1/4 size
pieces and to my surprise, yep she eats them up without protest.
Great!!! I also was giving carpon but of course I have to pill her on that,
although she is pretty good about it. So I am seeing how these work
before going back to carpon or combo of both.
Question is when do we test the PH urine with strips I just rec'd my
order a couple days ago. I didn't know if you test it with zero
pills for 24 hrs or how?
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It is not necessary to go without med to test the PH. You want to know he is in the right range. Just test. For cats, the ideal range is between 6.0 to 6.5.
Fangs range is usually 6.25 to 7.0. he is doing fine within that range, so that is where I want to maintain him. also, I think ph goes up soon after a meal, so a little fluctuation, I think is ok.

On the carpon, it says it acidifies the urine 5 hours after ingestion, and I guess any crystals present dissolve.

When I gave Fang Carpon once a day, I noticed he seemed to be licking more and his penis looked really red/inflammed to me, so I went back to twice a day. Or maybe we will alternate, don't have it down to a science yet. I want to give as little as possible necessary.
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