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Knocking food out of his bowl

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Our new cat has a strange way of eating that I haven't seen a cat do before. He takes his paw, scoops some of his dry food out of the bowl onto the floor, and only then will he eat it. He's dragging his bowl all over the place getting the food out.

Why would he be doing this? I'm not sure if this is just a cute personality quirk, or is he trying to tell us something? Should we get him a different bowl? Change the food? (I'll be doing this anyway now that I've read some of the threads in the Nutrition forum) He isn't playing with it - he immediately eats it after he scoops it out. I just don't want him eating off the floor!

Any ideas? Thank you!
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Hehe 1 of my cats does the same thing. I think for me it started when, sometimes I used too put a few biscuits down on the ground for him to eat, there was no reason I did this except sometimes I just thought it was something different for him. Anyway ever since then, every now and then, I see him scoop the biscuits out with his paw and eat them off the floor He has a perfect appetite and is healthy, he does not always do this, you might find your cat will also just move on from this habit, if your cat is healthy and eating I wouldn't be worried, but this is just my opinion based on my cat doing the same thing. If you do not want your kitty moving the bowl around maybe get a heavier bowl like a concrete one, one that can not be moved easily. When I saw my cat do it I was very amuzed and I must say I thought it was cute He seems to have moved on from it now...and yours may as well, but as stated if your kitty is healthy and eating I would not be concerned, and try a heavier bowl so kitty does not drag it all over the place and maybe put some paper down or something, so kitty isnt directly eating off the floor
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My cat does this periodically, especially if I leave what's left of the dry out when he gets his wet food... I don't know if he's trying to mix them or what... also he'll spill when I'm going to sleep if he's mad at me because he knows I'll get up and put it back in, only does it that once... except at night, it's funny to watch him do this, because I wonder what he's trying to accomplish

Sometimes he even spills water into his dry food and wets it, and at that point I get mad because he's wasted food... he won't eat it after he's wet it. On the occasions he does it I seriously think he's having a little temper tantrum, because it only seems to happen when he's thrown off his routine.
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Is it any specific breed of cat? I seem to recall our siamese doing that.
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Oliver does this sometimes too... not all the time though... and sometimes he actually gets a piece or two in his paw and puts it right in his mouth - it's so cute to watch, hehe... I don't think it's anything significant, at least not that I know of - I guess kinda like sometimes I'll pick up BBQ ribs and eat them and sometimes I'll cut the meat off with a knife and fork... just a mood thing, lol
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My 3 yr old female will take dry and wet food off the plate or bowl and eat it off her foot. I think it's just to alleviate the boredom of eating "normally". It's very cute to watch, but she can leave a little bit of a mess.
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That's the only way my Gracie will eat.
She either scoops it out of the bowl and eats it off the floor or she kind of hold it on the bottom of her paw and eat it off her paw.
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Ok, great! Good to know it's just cute and not a sign of trouble. Now I just have to get him a placemat!
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Originally Posted by snowmeow9 View Post
Our new cat has a strange way of eating that I haven't seen a cat do before. He takes his paw, scoops some of his dry food out of the bowl onto the floor, and only then will he eat it.
OMG! LMAO!! I had to laugh when I read this, b/c Spencer does the same thing too!! None of my other cats eat that way - he's the only one. I have no idea why!?

I reckon it's just one of those crazy purrsonality traits that some cats just have...

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I have a 3-year old cat named Pansy and she does the same thing. Sometimes in the middle of the day if she wants to play, she'll scoop the food out of her bowl and smacks pieces across the room and chase after them. This might be annoying if she didn't eat them when she catches them, so she's cleaning up after herself
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When Rajah and Lily first moved in, Rajah did this all the time. Just like Pansy, he would bat it around the floor to chase it and "kill" it! Now that he's full grown, he doens't do it so much though. I loved watching - it was so cute!
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definitly a personality quirk! My kitten does this too!
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2 of my cats do the same thing. The only problem is one of them tries to do that with his water too, our floor is never dry.

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LOL My cats dont do this but My pit bull puppy does...She does it with both her water and her food its really funny and cute too! A bit annoying with the water though since we have hardwood floors...I had to buy one of the rubber place mats to keep her from ruining the floor when she gets in her Im going to bathe the floor with my water bowl moods Its so cute though...LOL and my shih-tzu wont eat with the rest of the gang...he gets as much food as his little mouth will hold and runs to the couch and gets on the very back against the wall and drops all the food he had stuffed in his mouth then runs back about 3 more times til he has about a 1/3 cup on the back of the couch and then he eats it all and repeats...LOL
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Hobbes does this everytime he eats. Gemini will do this once in awhile.

They both have this other strange thing they do with the water dish too. They both scratch beside the bowl as if they are burrying poop, then take one lap of water then they scratch again, then take another lap and then scratch once more and then they sit down and start drinking like a normal cat. Sometimes they will even tip the bowl so that the water spills on the floor and drink it off the floor, other times they will drag the bowl half way across the kitchen and drink. They both have the exact same routines. At first I thought that the water was too cold so I warmed it up a little. Nope that wasn't it. Then I thought they just don't like filtered water so I gave them tap water...nope same thing. Then I wondered if the bowl was too small...nope. So I just came to accept that I have raised some strange kitties.

Oh also when Gemini was a kitten she would only drink water if I drop a peice of carrot in the water dish lmao. She wouldn't drink the water for the longest time, all she wanted was milk. I realized this worked one day because a peice of carrot fell in her water when I was chopping carrots. She ran right over and started drinking.
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You could put a cute kitty placemat under his bowl so that he'll eat the food off of that? They have all kinds of fun accessories for cats these days!!
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