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I visited my mom and she just got a new maine coon/ persian female cat. She calls her the drape cat cuz you can pick her up and she'll just drape whereever you hold her. She's 2 years old.

I'm so jealous.

I have these two ridiculous male cats ages 2 and 5 who, I swear, have declared the apartment The Bachelor Pad. They are like 2 badly behaved men, peeing not only in the litter box, but on the sides (inside)... they dont bother to cover their . They're slobs, run amuck every night. They have their tender moments, and for that I love them.... BUT WHY COULDNT I HAVE A NICE LAP CAT!??!?!!!! dammnit.
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Awwwww They sure can get frustrating at times. We don't always get what we want from our pets but we do love them anyway.

With all the pets I have their are several that have "quirks" that get on my nerves and I can get down right frustrated with them as well.

I just have to remember were they might be right now if I had not taken them in.

It does sound like you have two active boys to deal with. Just take a breath and love them for their cuddly moments.
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My 15 y/o torty cat Coco has never been an affectionate cat, in fact she hates being nursed. You can only hold her for a minute or 2 if you're standing. If you try to put her outside, move her out of the way etc, she will hiss at you. I have heard that torty's are like that. With my kitten Blossom, nearly 11 m/o, I was determined that she wouldn't be the same way. Also being a torty/calico I have a more affectionate cat.
A persian I had 16 years ago was affectionate, but timid. They are all different.
The dogs on the other hand love you no matter what.
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