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Medicine question

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Ok so I have a few questions that involve vets and medicines.

1: Say a vet gives you a script for antibotics and eye meds. do they have that there or do you have to go somewhere or order somewhere to get it?

2: What meds. do vet typically give for eye gunk? Do they give you just eye drops or do they give you antibotics as well?

I ask this because Pong's eye still looks bad. I thought it was getting better but I was wrong. Money is kinda tight so I was wondering about what range the meds would cost minus the office visit. Which here is usually 35-38 depending on what vet I go to. I am gonna call my vet not the local vet to find out as well in the morning.

Also I have kept an eye on Ping and so far he has not showed any signs of getting a junky eye. Knock on wood and cross your fingers it stays that way.
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When I see eye gunk, I just continuously wipe the eyees with warm washcloths or gauze. If they stay bad, I use Terramycin. Anything ast that I go to a vet for, unless I can order it myself without a prescription.

The vet will have all the basics onhand for you in the office.

Look around for low cost clinics
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I only have 1 vet in my county. They charge 38 for an office visit. My vet is one county over (25 min drive) and she is 35. Everything else is at least 1 hour away. Hubby wanted to give him some eye stuff he has here for pink eye conjuctivitis but I feel really uncomfortable doing that.

If you don't need a script where do you get it from?
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I understand money is a concern-but I would warn you that it may possibly be an infection, but eyes are not something that you should treat without a diagnosis. As a vet tech I have seen too many kitties come in where the owners treated them at home and the eye was worse because they used the wrong medication. If it is something like a scratch or an ulcer you can actually do more damage by using the wrong medication. I would highly reccomend taking your kitty to a vet and have them look and prescribe any needed medication-which they should have on hand at their office. Most eye medication is not that expensive and it sure as hell beats the price of screwing up your kitties eyesight-not that I am saying you are a bad owner or that you would I have just seen too many cases go badly, and would hate for your kitty to be one of those cases. Good luck and let us know how Pong is doing.
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Has she had problems with her eye since you had her? Some cats have a blocked tear duct from birth, and usually there is nothing you can do about it except keeping it clean. My last litter of kittens included one little guy with a tear duct problem. My firend now has hem and he is doing fine, just needs his eye cleaned with a warm moist cloth daily. I don't know if your cat suffers the same problem, but I thought I would mention it anyways. Sorry if this doesn't help.

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No he was fine in the beginning.

I stopped by a feed store while I was in town. They sale the Terramycin. Its about 13.00 a tube I may give that a try and see if it clears the problem. Its an antibiotic eye stuff so I would think it would.
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Originally Posted by Ping View Post
No he was fine in the beginning.

I stopped by a feed store while I was in town. They sale the Terramycin. Its about 13.00 a tube I may give that a try and see if it clears the problem. Its an antibiotic eye stuff so I would think it would.
I repeat what the above poster has said - if you don't know exactly what you are dealing with, DON'T diagnose and treat the eye yourself. One person's cure for their cat does NOT mean this is what you should be using for your cat - your cat may have a totally different ailment and you may be risking the loss of sight in that eye by treating it inappropriately.

This is why it is so important for you to pay the extra few dollars and see a vet. The $13.00 you spend on the tube of OTC stuff would be better used against the cost of the vet visit and proper treatment.

Overuse of antibiotics is NEVER good IMO - whether it's for humans or animals. Most good human doctors will now avoid prescribing antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. I would like to use this same caution with my animals.
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I called my vet this morning. And let me just say I wish human doctors were as nice as Ping and Pongs vet. So I explained the situation and asked him if terramycin was ok to give for Pongs eye and he said yes. I then asked him if I could use this other eye ointment I already have in the house so I can start treatment today. The medicine I have here in the house is Erythromycin eye ointment. He said that is perfectly fine to give him. He said just give him 2 doses a day until his eye clears.

Which brings me to this question because I forgot to ask. How long does it take for eye medicine to start to work.
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it may take a few days to notice results I would say if not better in 2-3 days then you should call your vet back. Good luck with Pong's eye!
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