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Kitten not eating.

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My Yuna (11 weeks old) just DOESN'T want to eat the food I'm giving her. I've only had her since Saturday afternoon so I could attribute it all down to new home nerves but, I really don't think it's that.
She'll WOLF down the milk formula I give her but just kind of sniff at the food, maybe put some in her mouth, then spit it out and wander over to play with me.

My Shinya was weird with food too.. she loved her food, but couldn't really be bothered with the milk formula so I had to experiment and ended up taking out the flake things and giving it to her BETWEEN meals - so I was essentially feeding her 6 times a day. Now she's old enough to not need the milk formula and she doesn't need feeding 3 times a day so, life is easier!

I managed to trick Yuna in the beginning by mixing in a little tuna (the kind that comes packed in water) with her food. I poured some of the tuna water on the food and mixed a little of the meat in. That was enough to get her to eat half the food which was better than nothing. But now she's not even falling for the tuna trick! I'm guessing she just doesn't like the food, even though this is the same stuff she's been fed up to now.

Is there anything I can add to the food to make it irresistable to her? Or is it probably just new home nerves and I have to give her some time? I don't want to give her milk until she's eaten her food cause she'll get all stuffed up on it then not be ABLE to eat!

Any ideas?
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What are you feeding her, Hon? At that age, she should be having a higher-quality canned food, pate-style (really mushy) in kitten varieties. Do you know what she was eating before you got her? Sometimes, you just have to experiment with a lot of different kinds of foods until you stumble upon something they like and will eat.
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Yeah, she's on the exact same thing she was eating before I got her, and the exact same thing I used to feed my Shinya too (got them from the same place). It's the Science Diet Kitten Food (I beleive it's called). However, cause she's still young I have to soak it in hot water for a while to make it softer for her. Then she has her milk formula which I mix these bran flakes into.

Since this is what she's been eating up to now, I can only assume that maybe she's just nervous? It seems that she's eaten a third of her breakfast now so, she WILL eat it eventually.. I also noticed that her poo is INCREDIBLY soft and squishy - and she kindly decided to stand in it and walk across the floor.. THANKYOU YUNA! xDD I'm so glad I have wooden floors!!!

Back when I got Shinya though, they told me that sometimes you have to mix in a little canned food with the science diet food for them to eat it, so I think I'll have to run off to a pet store and get some canned kitten food to try with her too. Shinya didn't need it but that doesn't mean that Yuna won't!

I'll experiment a little! Thanks!
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