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Nik's Christmas - pictures

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Nik was five months old on Christmas Eve - he's getting really big now (I miss the little fuzzy ball he used to be!)
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He loves the boxes left over from a variety of gifts
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This one cracks me up, an accidental shot, but he looks like Dr Evil
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Hey Manomi. What a beautiful cat. I'm in Sydney too. Nice to see you.
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He loves shoulder riding - and at the end of the day, he's all worn out, and needs a nap
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Hi Peugeot

Nice to have another local member! I saw your lovely Peugeot on the new members page - he's(?she's) beautiful. We used to have a big orange male DSH, I miss him a lot. Orange cats are a favourite of mine

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Hi Manomi. Peugeot and I are in Sydney too! Nik is very very beautiful. Peugeot would never sleep on my shoulder lol
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Nik is a russian blue, I am told that as a breed they tend to enjoy shoulders. He also loves to be held in my arms on his back like a baby - I've never ever had a cat before that would do that, but I think that's because he was socialised really well at the cattery we got him from.

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Sorry about my double message. Peugeot is a he. The strange thing is in real life he's not very orange. He's actually quite creamy. "Champagne" they called it at the RSPCA lol. It's just that my webcam is dodgy and picks it's own colours. I've been out in the back yard chasing the poor boy trying to get better shots, but everytime I call his name so he'll look at me, he comes to me and kisses me...what can I say?
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LOL! Yes, taking pictures of Nik is usually quite difficult, he either plays with the camera so I can't focus or he does the worst poses, or just runs in the opposite direction. I think at Christmas though he was too overwhelmed to think about it so I managed to get some nice shots.

Peugeot is a beautiful champagne cat!

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Thanks Naomi, we like to think so too

My mum's cat poses for photos. Maybe I should take him over there.
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Naomi!!! Nik is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the "Dr. Evil" shot!!! That is just priceless!!!!!!!!! You should send that in to the "Caption This" forums here!!! The expression on his face is great!!!! The more I see of all these lovely Russian Blue's we have here, the more I wish desperately that I had one!!! I think Merlin could share the house with one more cat if I begged him (and hubby)
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Aww those are beautiful photos!!! I love that 'dr evil' photo too!!!! I agree with Debby, it should be taken over to 'Caption this'!!!

THanks for sharing beautiful photos with us!
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Our kittens wanted to say hello but were too tired!
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What sweet looking kitties you have there Nippers! Awwww, I want to cuddle them all!!!!
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Nik is such a gorgeous colour! And I love the shots of your kittens, Nippers!
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Love the pics especially the shoulder one!
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Nik is a beauty, he looks like he has lots of personality.

Nippers, The kittens are so precious.
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Thanks for sharing such great photos.
Nik is a beautiful kitty Very nice!
You're right about the shoulders. Orion loves doing that too. He also loves jumping into our arms.
Our little russian black kitten Draco hasn't shown any interest in shoulders or jumping into arms yet but that might change as he gets older and bigger I guess.
The latest accomplishment for Draco is that he can finally jump up onto tables and benches from the ground, so he's working on
Thanks again for sharing these great shots...look forward to seeing lots more!
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