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How did you name your cats?

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How did you come up with the names for your cats? I have seen so many creative sounding ones so I am curious now and want to share my own!

I am a musician, so my cats' names are the middle names of two famous composers.

Wolfgang AMADEUS Mozart

Share your name stories!
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Well, I got my cat when I was 10 and my mom took me to get him. She had a black and white cat when she was a kid named Popsie. My cat is a boy and my dad said he didn't want a male cat because of spraying (neutering fixed that). Anyway, I just had to have my cat and since he's black and white my mom said if we got him she wanted to name him Popsie. That's how my baby got his name.
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I named Sassy after a character in a Clive Barker book called Cabal made into the movie NightBreed.
The character's name was Surasassy it was a half cat type creature who's facile features and Sassy's were almost the same. In fact the first time I saw Sassy at the shelter was a few days after I saw the movie and that is what caught my attention.
Linus got his name for a far simpler reason, when I brought him home from the shelter every time something frightened him he would hide under the blankets on my bed...What else would you call a little guy so attached to his security blanket.
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For Ling and Charlie:

Ling was named that cause she was blue and seal point (with blue tabby markings) when 1-3 months old. All the kittens were the same in the litter, so all got "oriental" names, Ling, Ping and Pong (her brothers) and Ying and Yang (her sisters)

Charlie's real name is Charlie Wonka - named after the movie "Charlie and the chocolate factory" because he's a chocolate spotted Ocicat.

In the future, my chocolate-silver Oci will be named Captain Jack Sparrow.
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Chynna. She is about 15 years old and has owned me for over 14 years:
She is pure white and I didn't want a generic name like "snowy" or "snowball". I like "normal" sounding names. She reminded me of porcelin because of her white fur which is so fine and downy soft, but "Porcelin" sounded stupid. So I decided on "China", but that looked like the name of a country. So I varied the spelling to "Chynna". Now I get asked if I named her after some wrestler whom I'd never heard of, LOL

Abby. She is 9 years old and came to live with me when she was 4 months:
The girl I got her from named her "Abigail" or "Abby" for short. Since she had been called that since she was a wee itsy baby, I left it. She is my "red head" and looks like an "Abby".
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Tryon was found on the wall surrounding Fort Tryon Park.

PeeWee has a grey suit and white shoes like Peewee Herman

Sammy.. well I made a dumb joke with the name Sammy in it and it just sort of stuck.

Of all the names I've given cats, I think John Doe is my favorite. Now known as Johnny, I named him John Doe because he just showed up on our front porch one day. We didn't know who he was, so John Doe he became. I took him to the vet shortly after we named him and a little girl was looking into the carrier. She asked me his name and I told her... well she didn't know what it meant, but her dad did. He started cracking up "...Seriously?! You really named him that?!" I explained how he came to live with us and the dad just thought it was the best thing he'd heard in ages
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Stoli, Russian Blue, Stolichnaya Russian Vodka
Luxor, Egyptian Mau, Luxor Resort in Las Vegas (and the city in Egypt)
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Gette got her name from Paul McCartney's song, "Jet," which was about a suffragette (and I don't know why the title is spelled differently) but she answers to Mena, a name my husband came up with FOR NO APPARENT REASON!
Jiggy was named after my husband's friend.
Sophia....well, that was her name when we adopted her, but I nicknamed her DeeDee, so she doesn't even know her name is Sophia...
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Luna was almost named Penelope, but she kept responding to Luna. So that's what I called her.

Whitey got his name because he is a black cat and my boyfriend thought it would be funny.
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Demetri's registered name is Silk Truffle because, Ocicats have silky fur and truffle for the chocolate (he's chocolate silver)

His pet name started off as part of the registered name as it was a silver smith in the bible (according to the baby name website) I was going to have both a chocolate and silver meaning name but it was too long so GK helped me create Silk Truffle and we kept Demetri for pet name.
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Shinya means midnight in Japanese. And from the youngest age I always wanted a cat called Midnight. Plus, my online name for the last 12 years or so has been MIDNIGHT STAR (Star being my nickname when I lived in England, and I now go by Sei here in Japan which has the same meaning). So essentially, Me (Sei) and Shinya combined = Midnight Star.

Yuna is actually a character from Final Fantasy (a video game). My first thought was Luna (to stick with the night theme) but I decided that was more of a darker coloured cat name and I wanted my crazy Abyssinian to be the daylight to the midnight of my Russian Blue. I guess I'm not making any sense huh?
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All my pets are named after foods that begin with "s"

Sake (Japanese alcohol, because he's Siamese)
Snickers (like the candy bar, because she looks like one and looks like she ate too many of them all in one)
and Sushi (who was originially named S'more, but that changed the next morning)

Short Stack Pancakes

I feel bad for the pet that gets stuck with Salad
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Some cute names on here!

Mew started out as Mute because when she was born she was only one who didn't cry. Eventually she became the mouthiest, so her name changed.

I had a cat named ^Smeagol^, the love of my life, that died at 1 year old. He was named that by a friend of my husband because he was a very ugly ugly kitten. Skinny, hunched, giant bat ears, odd shaped head and a pale pink/orange colour. It is my favourite name ever. He did turn into a very handsome guy, despite him 'ugly ducking' beginnings.

Tuxedo Jeremy named because he's a long haired black/white tuxedo cat. I call him Tuxy-toes. He actually has his own theme song (dork alert)

Lemony Snicket came to us through a series of unfortunate events. I have never seen the movie, but once I heard the name I knew it was 'it'. I call her Lemon, Anemony, or if she's in a snooty mood, she will only respond to 'Ms. Snicket'.

Eggs because we had three kittens I bottle raised. Eggs, Bacon and Burnt Toast. Toast and Bacon both died, so that only left the Eggies. It's kind of a dumb name without the others, but she responded to it at a very young age, so we left it.

Smeggweiler name is a bit of a story. Smeagol, mentioned above, was a very strange and unusual cat. He had some very unique mannerisms. Jeremy said he was so weird that needed his own 'breed' so he deemed him a 'Smeggweiler' (Smeagol-Rottweiler. We have rottweilers). I was absolutely crushed after he died, as I know there will never be another like him. A year or so later, a stray cat had a litter outside at the new house we bought. One of them had some of the unusual Smeggweiler traits (but not all). Jeremy deemed him a Smeggweiler as well, and I said he had to stay and brought him inside. I didn't want to name him Smeagol, so we just decided on Smeggie, as he is a Smeggweiler.

My dogs are Fraulein (german for woman or lady), Butters came to us as Buddy, but we changed it to Butters (my favourite character from South Park. In retrospect we should have named him Tweek since he's such a spaz! Ha! ) and Sydney came with her name. She was already over 3 years and I couldn't think of anything that sounded like 'Sydney' that I liked.
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When I got Isadora, I was a junior in high school and ballet was my life...I had lessons 5 days a week and danced in a company. So, I named her after Isadora Duncan, who was kind of a pioneer of modern classical ballet.

Spot I named....well....for her spots...duh! My friend tried to talk me into naming her Cleo because she almost looks like an egyptian mau. I liked "Spot" better.
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When I got Princess I had a list of names mostly Egyptian.. all with meanings and things, but I wanted to see how her personality was before I chose one. After a few days I still hadn't decided and was calling her pet names like "baby" and "princess".

I called her Princess once and she came up to me for the first time, so she chose her own name.
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Gemini - Her birthday falls under Gemini and I thought the nickname "Gem" would be cute.

Hobbes - We actually couldn't decide on a name for him for about a week. All these names were popping up but they just didn't suit him. Then one night while my boyfriend and I were having a few beers we started talking philosophy. My boyfriend quoted Thomas Hobbes. Then I yelled.."That's it! Hobbes! Like from Calvin and Hobbes." (both of our favourite comics growing up) Technically he is named after Thomas Hobbes, but we usually just say Hobbes the cat from Calvin and Hobbes.
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There some great stories here, I thought I'd join in. I'll save the best til last.

Diego is named after Diego in Ice Age, he's the awesome sabre tooth tiger.
No real reason for it other than the fact I like the character, makes me laugh all the time. Thats one of his quotes in my siggie.

Ryu is just one of the many random names I thought of, after running a poll here it was Ginger as the most voted, but I noticed someone else here has a cat named ginger so decided to keep it original with the 2nd most voted name. Although he doesn't respond to it. I'm thinking of renaming him but not 100%

Neko, well this is the most interesting and funny story which you will laugh at. We couldn't think of a name for him, he was going to be called Diego but I got into the habit of calling him cat. Well you know thats a pretty dopey name for your cat, so I said why don't we just name him Neko (Japanese for cat) coz at the time we were still living in NZ so you know, people who don't speak or know Japanese are clueless to the name. So yes his name is still cat but in a different language in my siggie you will see some Japanese, thats how their names are written, but Neko's name can be written in Kanji (Chinese character) but that would be blatantly obvious to Japanese people so I wrote it in their 3rd alphabet which is used for writing foreign words in Japanese. It looks so much better.
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Originally Posted by Snickers80 View Post
All my pets are named after foods that begin with "s"

Sake (Japanese alcohol, because he's Siamese)
Snickers (like the candy bar, because she looks like one and looks like she ate too many of them all in one)
and Sushi (who was originially named S'more, but that changed the next morning)

Short Stack Pancakes

I feel bad for the pet that gets stuck with Salad
lmao you are so cute!
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Spookie, he is solid black, and we rescued him on Halloween day!
And of course Spook's mom, is Mama she is also mama of
Love, who loves to be loved on, he never gets enough lovin', plus
I didn't realize at the time he was a boy, (he was wild, and so was
mama, I had to trap them to have them spay/neutered for rescue)
Mama also had at the carwash, 3 other wild ones,
My son tamed one...... he was the first one trapped, he named him
Puff-Daddy, Puff for short, because of his thick fur around his neck! Puff
was run over one morning on the way to school, we had a hard time
over Puff's death!
The other 2 tabby's, which disappeared the night before I started
trapping were....Sha-na-na, from Martin Lawerence's character and
Then after I trapped Mama, I found out she was already pregant
again, so I took her home. She had 3 more, Lucy, Ethel, and
my sweet baby, Scream.
Scream was the last one born, she was the runt. She came out Screamin'
so it stuck, she never could find the nipple!
I kept her, only to lose her forever Feb. 06'. she went out one night ,
and has never returned! I grieved her for months, I searched for her
night and day! I still cry about her, as I write this down!!
But, then the following June of 06' the good lord brought me another
little baby, her name is GiGi or G which is short for Gracie, because is
is all gray, really she is blue, she is beautiful. and so full of life, she
is keeping the others on their toes! I should of named her Chase!
She loves to chase and be chased! I found her under the fountain
at my mom's house late one night. She wasn't even old enough to be
taken away from her mom! She stayed on my shoulder for the first 2 wks.
I love her so much, my Spookie took her in like she was his baby! He is
an awesome cat! God only knows how she got to my mom's fountain that
night, it is pretty far off the road!
I also have Cali the Calico, and Stash, because she has a black mustashe!
We had a cat when I was growing up that looked just like Stash,
but his name was "Adolph" he looked like Adolph Hilter, but was beautiful!
He followed a friend of ours home from the Country Club and Joel thought
that was a good name for him, he didn't want him so we took him and never
changed his name!
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Scruffy my husband named
Cala because she is a calico
Willow because she is so soft like the pussy willow
Veeshan is named after a dragon from the online game EverQuest also is an anagram of heavens
Kingston is named after Gwen Stefani's son only because I liked the name
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Well my oldest cat Tiger (actually my bfs cat) was already named when I met him... He is an orange tabby so that is self explanatory!

As for my two kitties: Nollee and Osiris...

Nollee got her name off of my favorite Pac Sun sweater (Nollie), I just changed the spelling and the pronunciation from Na-lee to Nole-lee... Something different!!!

Osiris was originally named Oscar (got him 2 days ago) and I named him Osiris after the egyptian god of the dead/underworld (he is an all black kitty, if he was a girl his name would have been isis)... I love reading about egyptian gods and goddesses so that is how he got his name. Ironically the name Osiris is also a shoe brand that is sold at Pac Sun!!!

I guess you could say I have a thing for Pac Sun
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I do themes with all my fosters so Skye and Calamity's name had to fit with their kittens.

Skye because all her kittens names had to do with either moon or stars. So she was Skye because thats were moon and stars are. LOL

Calamity because her theme was outlaws. Her kittens I choose Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid and Black Jack Ketchum so she was going to be either Calamity Jane or Belle Star. I liked Jane so thats what I thought I would call her but her temperment fit Calamity better. I kept saying yeah shes a Calamity all right. So it stuck more then Jane. Shes never called Jane any more.
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Raven - I named him. He's black, and I think ravens (the birds) are very regal.

Nabu - my roommate named him. It's short for Nabuchednezzar, one of the 3 kings the one in the bible is based on. He was crazy and that's about all I remember. It's a long story, but my roommate was a history/archaeology major, so she knew her stuff. The name fits. Nabu is crazy and thinks he's royalty.

Stimpy - the hubby named him, he's named after the cartoon character in Ren & Stimpy. Part of getting the hubby to adopt a 3rd cat involved giving him naming rights.
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Had a list of call names that I thought of and liked that the family went through until we agreed on one.
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Both my girls were already named...

Angel was named because she is white and soft.. Like Angel Soft

Chestnut was named because she has the color of chestnuts.

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Originally Posted by Gemini_n_Hobbes View Post
lmao you are so cute!
LOL thanks!!

We didn't start the theme on purpose, it just sort of happened, and by the time we got Sushi we couldn't just name her Whiskers or something....*sigh*

but yeah, you just wait a few years and I'm sure we'll have a Sugar, Souffle, Sorbet, Sukatash, and maybe even a Salad running around
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My two cats are named Kairi and Namine, after characters in the Playstation game Kingdom Hearts. Kairi was my boyfriends cat first, and he likes the game so that's what he named her when he got her. When we adopted Namine after we moved in together, he basically already had the name set in his mind that that would be her name - and I thought it was cute too.
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We wanted names from the Lord of the Rings, but my husband didn't want a Frodo so I suggested Pippin, Merri & Sam ...... or PMS for short Now, Gerald likes to tell everybody he lives with PMS everyday
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Hercules was named that because he was born right after I bought Troy on DVD and went on a kick with wanting a kitten named after a god. Dawkins was all David.....it just took a while to get to that point but hes named after Brian Dawkins from the Eagles.
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Well my oldest son named Tiger for........ whatever reason

The cat brats are Bo, Duke and Cooter (all brothers) and my DH is a fan of Dukes of Hazzard... they had a sister named Daisy

And Tonka.... well... I was gonna name him Dodge because he's a hemmi mix but when I got him home he's as big as my son's Tonka truck... and he's a tough guy too.
He puts up with the other's antics and horseplay... even if he is declawed, he's put them in thier places many times
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