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My daughter fell, and...can she get some vibes?

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Bless her heart! We were leaving my friends moms house and she fell. Got pretty scratched up on her legs and hands.

I am really worried she may have sprained her wrist/arm though. She cried for almost an hour saying how bad it hurt!! About broke my heart~she kept saying "mama it still hurts"

She keeps favoring it, and every once in awhile saying it hurts.

If you could, please send her some vibes that its just the scrape itsself thats hurting and that its not broken or anything!!!
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Aww, I'm sorry that your daughter is hurting. Vibes and hugs.
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Apply ice packs to the wrist and arm to help reduce swelling. Reapply several times per day for no more than 20 minutes at a time. Any longer and you can cause frost bite.

Do not give her aspirin because it can cause problems in children. Giver her some children's tylenol for pain.

Sending her some good vibes
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Sending lots of vibes to your daughter. I hope she feels better soon.
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Aw poor baby! Hope she's feeling better real soon!
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Awww ... How is she today Monica? I hate when kids get hurt
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aww lots of vibes and kitty kisses coming her way hope she's feeling better
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Is she any better today Monica? More speedy healing <<vibes>> are headed her way..
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She is still favoring it, off and on. I made a dr appt for 2 today. They will more than likely send her to get x rays after that.

I will let ya all know what happens.
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Fingers crossed for a good report from the Dr. I am sure she is scared..Good luck.
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poor baby I hope she is feeling better, ouch
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Well, we just got back from the dr and he said its probly not broken, but hes sending paperwork to hospital so if I want to I can take her up there tomorrow to get an xray!

Thank goodness for that!! All the vibes must of worked!!
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