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Song by Blake Shelton

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Have any of you heard the new song by Blake Shelton? For those of you who don't know who I'm talking about...he's a fairly new Country singer who is quite a little Hottie! His newest song made me cry like a baby...hence the song title is The Baby. I've got it downloaded on my computer, but I don't know how to put it on here. The song made me think of all the people on here who have lost their parents (Heidi, Debby, Leslie...and more that I can't think of at the moment..sorry that I can't remember right now!). Do you know how to post music on this site? I thought that Kim was telling Ryan how to post his music on here, but I don't have a clue where to begin. Anyway, if you get the chance to listen to this song...definitely do it. It's a tear jerker, but this song is sooooooo beautiful!
Just thought I'd share this and see if anyone could help me post music stuff. Thanks,
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Just seeing if I can post this...It probably won't work, but at least I tried!
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Ok..one last try and then I'll give up!
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If anyone actually can get that attachment to work, please let me know. I tried it, but I get nothing...so I give up! I was really hoping that I could get it to work...
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I just heard that song today. It is a really great song. It brought tears to my eyes.
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I clicked on your link and my RealOne player popped up but it wouldn't play it...it said "unsupported document type". I don't know how to post music here either...Mr. Cat (Joe) helped me post a voice file here once, using RealOne Player....I sent it to him and he posted it here....maybe he could help you....just PM him and ask, he's a really nice guy. I would love to hear this song...I don't usually listen to Country music, so I don't have much chance of hearing it unless you can post it. Sometimes we listen to Country music at work, so I might catch it there, but it is hard to hear the words very well with all the noise of the machines running. I really want to hear this song now. That was so sweet of you to think of me and to remember that I had lost my parents. I sang the Country song "Daddy's Hands" at my fathers funeral....I had to tape myself singing it the night before, and have it played that day, because I was afraid I would break down in tears if I tried to sing it that day. I still can't hear that song without crying.
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Debby, I just PM'd Mr.Cat...so hopefully I can post it soon. I did get the lyrics...so I guess that's better than nothing.

The Baby:
(Harley Allen/Michael White)

My brother said that I
was rotten to the core.
I was the youngest child,
so I got by with more.

I guess she was tired by
the time I came along.
She'd laugh until she cried,
I could do no wrong.
She would always save me,
because I was her baby.

I worked a factory in Ohio,
a shrimp boat in the Bayou,
I drove a truck in Birmingham.
Turned 21 in Cincinnati,
I called home to mom and daddy,
I said "Your boy is now a man."
She said "I don't care if you're 80,
you'll always be my baby."

She loved that photograph,
of our whole family.
She'd always point us out,
for all her friends to see.

That's Greg he's doing great,
he really loves his job.
And Ronnie with his 2 kids,
how 'bout that wife he's got.
And that one's kinda crazy,
but that one is my baby.

I got a call in Alabama,
said come on home to Louisianna
and come as fast as you can fly.
Cause your momma really needs you,
and says she's got to see you,
she might not make it through the night.
The whole way I drove 80
so she could see her baby.

She looked like she was sleepin'
and my family had been weepin'
by the time that I got to her side.
And I knew that she'd been taken,
and my heart it was breakin',
I never got to say goodbye.

I softly kissed that lady
and cried just like a baby.
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Ok...I might have figured this out on my own. Please let me know if this works. Thanks!
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You can go here and download it:

Blake Shelton
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Thanks Kassandra! I didn't even think about looking on his website for the download. Duh! Thanks...You're the bomb! LOL!
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I don't think I'm the bomb.....but if you say I'm the bomb....then I'm the bomb!

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WOW!!! I haven't went to the site and downloaded it yet, but I did just read the lyrics you posted here and that is a great song!!! Very touching!!!! My brother called me in the middle of the night when mom took a turn for the worse, and by the time I got dressed and to the nursing home, she was already gone. Just like in the song. Thanks for posting that!
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Debby, Did you ever download this song? Just curious about what you thought of it.
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