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8 week old....

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some people were giving away kittens yesterday outside of a local store so i decided to pick one up....however im not exactly allowed to have kittens at my place, does anyone have any tips to keep the smell of the litter box down...(i already scoop it right after and flush it) and she also tends to meow every so often and i dont want the neighbors hearing her and complaining to my landlords, or my landlords to stop by and hear her as well...i know u can teach dogs not to bark as often is there away i can train her not to cry out whenever i leave the room? or should this stop after she gets comfortable here?
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Most likely the crying will stop when she gets comfortable, right now she probably misses her mom and siblings. As for the smell, there are kitty litter fresheners you can use that you just mix in with the litter. I use one by Arm & Hammer it works great!
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Also, I don't think it's very safe to flush litter down the toilet, especially if it's clumping litter
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Supposedly, it's safe to flush, but you can put it in an old litter "pail" that the original clean litter came in, and just line it with a bag, then tie the bag up and throw it away.

Just scoop daily.. it shouldn't smell as long as you're using clumping litter and you keep it clean.

Meowing will hopefully calm down.

What are you going to do if the landlord catches you?
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Yeah that's my question - what happens when the landlord finds out. Seen SOOO many craigslist excuses about giving up pets "can't have them where I moved - no pets".

I know you meant well by adopting, but seriously if you can't have pets where you are, you are risking the poor kitten having to be rehomed. Maybe consider finding a new place where pets are accepted in the next month or two - then you won't have to worry so much about being found out.
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The best thing is to check with your lease and find out what the cat policy is before taking on the responsibility. Chances are you will simply have to pay an extra deposit to have a cat.
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