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Ah, well, we're fortunate in that the largest and fiercest birds around here are probably seagulls. Cheeky beasts, but not the type to swoop down on unsuspecting moggies and swipe them.
I hate seagulls, they beg too much. The only swooping they do is for a french fry from an unsuspecting toddler!
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Since I'm not from the UK, I'm not sure which brands you have over there...
I have used:
1. nutro natural choice before, which is a good food which is usually readily available (at least in the US) the company also offers many coupons/sales, again not sure about the UK. They also have a less expensive line (nutro max here) and a good selection of canned food.
2. EVO (made by natura)- really good food, high protien and very low carbs. BUT some digestive issues and gassiness reported. Also not sure if avail. in the UK. Great canned 95% meat line of wet foods. Quite pricey but you can feed somewhat less.
3. California natural (made by natura) good food, dry is especially good for allergies as it has few ingredients. Good wet food too.
4. Orijen- I remember reading that this was available in the UK (I think) similar to EVO, but less digestive issues. Is also quite pricey like EVO.

As to the feeding at 7:30.... that's up to you! BUT I would caution that you not feed right after you get up (i.e. brush teeth, eat, and dress, then feed them) otherwise the cats will realize the sooner they wake you up the sooner they eat.

One other note about scratching posts that I forgot to mention... I like to use the corrugated cardboard type ones because they are cheap and last a pretty long time... you can get them in flat and angled models. I have heard, but not sure how accurate it is, that you should not buy a carpet scratching post as it will teach the cat to scratch on all carpet... again not sure of the accuracy of this as I have avoided carpet "just in case".

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Originally Posted by c130 View Post

Well, we booked a pair at the cat home today. They're male & female, 5 months old - the male's ginger and looks about fully-grown; the female's a tortoiseshell, still pretty small, and has the most adorable voice. They look really happy together (don't know if they're brother & sister though), so hopefully they'll be happy to keep each other company while the rest of us are out of the house during the day. Should be able to take them home sometime during the week if all's well. I'll post pics. ^_^
So, your folks relented and let you get two?
How did you convince them?
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I don't even know! It just sort of... happened. I showed 'em all the info I could find that reccommended 2 cats in a household where they'd be left alone for several hours a day. Then our discussion of "cat" gradually changed into discussion of "cats", and my dad either didn't notice or didn't bother fighting it. :p
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Congrats - didn't know you had adopted before I posted

But having a M/F at 5 months old and neither one of them spayed/neutered, you will have to keep them separated till they are spayed/neutered. Kittens as young as 4 months old can and do breed and get pregnant. He could very well get his sister pregnant.

I wish the vets in the UK would start doing more early spay/neutering instead of waiting till 6 months. If they are not done now, try to find a vet who would do them at 5 months. More peace of mind for you as a new cat owner - you don't want to be looking at a pregnant kitten and having to deal with that
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