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car warranty question

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I bought a 2003 eclipse a few months back, and have been trying to get rid of it @ a dealership. We come to find out, that we owe too much to trade it in for something else. So, our best shot it to sell it on our own & see if we can get what we want or best offer. We purchased an extended warranty on the vehicle, so how would you transfer it over to the new owner? Of course, I also found out, that if we sell it for a few thousand less than what we owe, then we will have to come up with the remaining money before we can transfer the title over. I learned a lesson in buying a car, lol.
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I don't know about transferring the warranty, but I would guess it would follow the car!

And YES! Buying a new car results in a HUGE negative balance if you want to get rid of it right away That interest can kill ya there for a few YEARS. I remember my five year car payment.....that sucker took a while before I was starting to actually clear into a positive. They depriciate as soon as they drive off the lot.

I would call the company the warranty is through (the manufacturer, is it?) and see how that all works. But, either way, yes...you need that free and clear title before you can transfer it! Negative balances are the PITS!
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